Balika Vadhu 20th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 20th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Niranjan getting his salary and bonus from his work place. Niranjan asks about the bonus. Accountant says our management give bonus to every one irrespective of their joining date as Diwali is of everyone. Niranjan gets impressed with badi haveli residents. He tells that this Diwali is very special to him and he wants to give happiness to someone. He leaves. Dadisaa asks Jagya did everyone get sweets etc. Jagya says yes. Dadisaa gives sweets to watchman of the hospital. He wishes them happy Diwali.

Dadisaa sees some men doing gambling and goes to them. She asks them why you are gambling. They say that today is Diwali. Dadisaa asks them not to repeat the mistake set by the ancestral. She asks them to buy gifts for their family instead of gambling. They realize their mistake and says we will buy gifts for our loved ones. Dadisaa gives sweets to them. Jagya looks happily at dadisaa. Dadisaa tells him that she did what she was taught by her teacher at school.

Meenu comes to Anoop and asks why didn’t you get ready yet. Anoop says, I don’t want to celebrate this festival. I can’t see any reason. Meenu explains to him the importance of the festival and says everyone loves you a lot. Anoop says, I will come.

Anandi is getting ready. Shiv comes and asks her not to get worry. He asks her to enjoy Diwali happily as he is with her. He assures that nothing wrong can happen to her. Anandi smiles and says I trusts you. Your love is my strength. shiv hugs her from behind. Ira calls them. Anandi says coming.

Dadisaa and Gehna are preparing for Diwali. Niranjan comes. Nandu calls him. Niranjan wishes them happy diwali. Nandu gives him lamp. Niranjan places the lamp on the rangoli.

Dadisa asks the Panditji to start the puja. Meanwhile Anandi and her family start celebrating the festival. Dadisaa looks at Gehna and thinks of her son Basant. she gets teary eyed. Jagya consoles her. Panditji starts the puja. Gehna looks sad. Jagya and Ganga do the aarti of the lord. Anandi too does aarti with her family. Dadisaa prays for everyone’s happiness and folds her hand infront of lord. Lakshmi mata Ki Jai plays…………Ira too prays for her family’s happiness and prosperity. Amol wishes happy Diwali to them. Everyone smiles. They take Daddu’s blessings and wishes him happy diwali. Daddu gives the gifts to his family members.

Amol gets happy seeing the gift given by Daddu. Daddu tells him that he can’t forget his grand son’s son. Subhadra says she can only give blessings and wishes best for the family. Anoop says you are giving a big gift. Ira asks Anandi to keep lamps in the house. Anandi says ok. They light the crackers and enjoy happily. Palash is seen hiding there and eyes Anandi. He thinks I have come Anandi. He waits to kidnap Anandi and says I came to take you. Amol tells Anandi that he is feeling thirsty.

Anandi goes to bring water for him. Shiv shows the special cracker for Amol. Anandi is going inside the house, Palash comes from the opposite side and puts his hand on her mouth. He tries to forcibly takes her while Anandi struggles to shout. Everyone is busy lighting the crackers so that don’t hear Anandi. Anandi tries to make sound. Finally Shiv hears her voice and gets shocked seeing Palash taking Anandi forcibly.

Shiv gets into his car and follows Palash’s car. Anandi asks how can you misbehave with someone else wife. Palash says you are mine. Shiv says you have crossed all limits today Palash.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. This track is quite ridiculous…

  2. Lol ikr!! Totally unnecessary! >.<

  3. Seriously Its high time to stop this serial. What are they trying to show now. PLS STOP THIS SERIAL NOW

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