Balika Vadhu 20th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 20th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Daddu stoping Anoop from giving fire to Shiv’s dead body and says only Amol have the right being his son. Anoop says Amol is not Shiv’s son by blood. Daddu says relations are made by heart. Panditji says Amol has the right to give the fire. Amol takes the fire stick and recalls the moments spent with his father. Daddu asks him to come and makes him give the agni/fire to Shiv’s dead body. Everyone cries.

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In the evening, Anandi looks at the toys brought by Shiv before his death. She recalls Shiv telling bye to his babies and feeling their kick. She gets teary eyed. She holds his photo and says she can’t live without him. She hugs his photo. Subhadra comes and asks her to take care. She consoles her and says you can’t fight with destiny. She asks him to live without Shiv as a widow. Anandi is shocked. She shows her white saree and says it is your destiny now. She asks her to wear it. Ira comes and takes the saree from her hand. She asks what are you doing? A martyr’s wife are always married. Subhadra reminds her that Shiv is dead and a widow woman has to wear these types of clothes. She asks her to think being Shiv’s mum. Ira says I know Shiv will feel pained to see Anandi in white saree. Subhadra says this decision will be taken with everyone consent. She asks them to come downstairs.

Meenu cries. Dadisaa consoles her. Meenu asks her about Ira. Dadisaa says she went to bring Anandi. Subhadra comes and says Anandi has to follow the rules made by the society. Ira brings Anandi there. Subhadra tells everyone that they can’t ignore society norms. She says I went to give the saree to Anandi, but Ira is saying that Anandi will not wear it. She asks will she apply bindi and colored clothes. Ira says shall we make her remember the loss. Doesn’t she have the right to live her life. She says Shiv was an educated man and won’t like his wife to wear white clothes. Subhadra argues. Daddu asks them to end the matter. He says Ira is right. Anandi will not wear this clothes and will stay like before. This is my decision.

Amol comes to Anandi and sees her crying. She asks did you drink milk? Amol says he had milk like his father. He asks her to smile always and gets sad. He misses Shiv. She tells him that Shiv is always with them and hugs him. Daddu and Dadisaa look at them. Dadisaa says Anandi always lived for others and will take care for others. Alok comes to Daddu and says some bills are pending. He gives cheque. Anoop too gives the cheque. Daddu recalls Shiv giving his cheque in his hand. He says both of you increased the amount in the cheque, but can’t make up for Shiv’s loss.

Anandi takes bath and wears her jewellery. She looks at her bindi and puts it on her forehead. She recalls Shiv putting bindi on her forehead. Subhadra looks at her and gets thinking.

Alok and Amol say they are leaving for Asthi Visarjan (ashes immersion). Daddu asks him to take care. Anoop asks him to stop. Alok looks on.

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  1. Disgusting there was no need to kill him,,,,,,,

  2. We miss u a lot shiv

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