Balika Vadhu 20th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 20th December 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 20th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ira apologizing to Meenu saying please forgive your big sister. She folds her hands. She asks, can we live like before. Meenu holds her hand and says I have not complaint to you. I need your love, faith and support like before. They hug and make up. Everyone feels happy except Saachi. Ira says sorry to her again. She asks, why did you do a big sacrifise for me. I would have been fine. She says, you would have felt difficult to stay away from his own child. Meenu says you always took care of me as a elder sister and I couldn’t see your pain. I was sure that you will love Shiv very much. He was infront of my eyes and that was enough for me. Shiv goes to his mothers and hugs them. They cries. Anandi smiles with teary eyes while Saachi is shocked.

Ganga sleeps

and gets dreams of the goons attacked on the hospital. She wakes up scared. Jagya asks, what happened? Ganga says I saw a dream and got scared. Jagya gives her water to drink. Ganga asks him to sleep. In the morning,Jagya wakes up and finds Ganga holding his hand in sleep. Ganga asks about Pasha. Jagya says he will be saved now as Army took him to Delhi for further enquiry. Those goons came from other country and it is a matter of nation’s safety. Ganga prays for Pasha’s memory to come back and says I will get ready to go to the hospital. Jagya asks her to take rest today. Ganga says I was closed in balwadi but you have fighted with the goons. Jagya says I am also taking off today. Ganga smiles.

Pasha is sitting in Army’s custody. Officer comes and gives lie detecting report of Pasha to his superior. Senior officer reads the report and says he was telling the truth and he don’t remember his identity but he can diffuse a bomb like an expert which a normal person can’t do. He is connected somehow to Udaipur as he talks about the place and its landmarks. He asks him to call the udaipur police and asks them to get any info about him. Also asks him to telecast his photo on all news channels.

Ganga is eating tamarind silently. Sumitra comes and gets surprised to see her eating tamarind. Sumitra says it is not good as you have stomach ache. Ganga says I gets tantalised by it. Sumitra closes the jar. Ganga asks her to take tea and says I will bring breakfast. Ganga thinks how to hide the pregnancy and till when?

Meenu is taking off peas and Daddu is eating it. Ira and Anandi comes. They sees on the news about the militant’s attack on the jaitsar hospital. jagya is shown giving interview about the attack. Reporter tells that the militants came in search of Pasha and tells about that he is connected to udaipur and Pichola pond. Mahi comes and says I have a big news. Daddu closes the TV and asks, what is the news. Mahi says I got selected in Inter state tournament for Rajastan team. Everyone gets happy. Anandi congrats him. Ira and Meenu blesses him.

Shiv calls Anandi and says I am going to Delhi tomorrow and asks her to come to his office. He says we will go to the orphanage to know about our adoption application process. They reach the orphanage. Lady tells them that we will contact you after the formalities are over from our side. Shiv says yes I understand. Anandi says, I want to meet Anuja. Lady says she is fine and our darling child. Anandi wishes to meet her.

Jagya is talking on phone. Ganga comes, Jagya tells her that I want to talk to you something. He says you looks tensed and having dark circles. Ganga says I am fine. Jagya says I am not joking and says we will get the test done for you. Ganga says, it is just kajal. Jagya agrees. Ganga worries to get her truth out. Anandi holds Anuja and smiles looking at her. She tells Shiv that shall we adopt her. Lady says you can adopt her after the formalities. One couple comes and claims to be Anuja’s parents. Anuja’s mom takes her from Anandi. Anandi is shocked.


Shiv is passing by Pasha and his mobile falls on the floor. Shiv bends to pick his mobile. Pasha keeps his hand on his head to bless him. Meenu sketches beard on Anoop’s photo and comes running down with teary eyes. She tells Daddu and everyone that Anoop is alive. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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