Balika Vadhu 20th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 20th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ganga thinking about Gauri’s words that she always loved Jagya. She imagines Jagya and Gauri’s pic instead of their pic. She prays to Devimaa and asks why she is doing this. Gauri still loves Jagya. she will be pain when she comes to know the truth. She says, Jagya have gone far from her. I can’t tell her the truth. I don’t want to hide anything from her. I wants to do something for her.

Vivek asks Suman to eat something. Suman says, she don’t want to eat. Saachi insists and asks Vivek to tell the doctor that he was right. Suman agrees to have food. Roshan smiles. Suman says, you are very stubborn and loving. She blesses her. Roshan asks Saachi to sit. Saachi makes her eat the food. Saachi says, she will stay with her tonight. Suman asks her not to be trouble. Saachi says, I am like your daughter. Ira calls Saachi and then talks to Suman. Suman praises Saachi. Ira gets happy and says I am relieved. Suman praises Saachi very much. Ira cuts the call.

Jagya comes to his room. Ganga is sad. Jagya asks, what happened? Ganga nods no. She tells about her fear indirectly. Jagya asks, what happened. Ganga asks, did you even think about your and Gauri’s life. Jagya says, I thought but everytime I thanked the Lord for my better life. I got you as my wife. He says, nothing is more than her. Ganga says, I knows but…..Jagya says, we will overcome this problem together. He apologizes to her and assures that everything will be fine.

Meenu keeps the plates on the table. Amol tells them that Hardik went for swimming. Anandi asks everyone to have breakfast. She tells Ira and Meenu that you are competing with Buaji today. Subhadra asks Anandi. Did you eat the prasad. Anandi says yes. Subhadra looks at glass plates and asks will I eat in this. Meenu brings brass plate for her. Subhadra asks, where are other plates. Anandi says, we like to eat in glass plate. Ira says, nothing is like that. Daddu asks her to bring brass plates for everyone. Subhadra says it is ok.

Suman tells Vivek that Saachi does my head massages and styled my hair. Vivek says, you are very lucky maa. She didn’t give me head massage yet. Saachi says, I was busy when he asked me. Saachi says sorry and says she will massage his head. Vivek says he has to go to court now. He leaves in a hurry. Saachi laughs.

Ira makes Pakodas for buaji. She says, Subhadra wants to eat it. Meenu says, she will make tea. Ira tells Meenu that she can’t accept that buaji can changed and feel that she is acting. Meenu says, she has changed. Ira says, anyone can’t change his nature. Meenu speaks other wise.

Shiv comes back from office. Anandi informs him that Subhadra started eating in glass plates and says it has proved that she has changed. She calls her Dogri. Shiv is shocked. He tells her that he is surprised to hear such word from her. Anandi is speechless. Shiv says we will talk later. Anandi leaves.

Gauri comes to Dadisaa’s room and says I saw Ganga massaging your leg. Dadisaa asks, what do you want to ask? Gauri asks, she is a nurse then why she massaged your legs. Dadisaa looks on tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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