Balika Vadhu 20th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 20th August 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 20th August 2013 Written Update

Ganga is surprised and happy to see Jagya. Ganga asks him, why did you come? Jagya gives a teddy bear saying, Mannu’s toy.. Mannu loves it a lot so I thought to give it to him. Mannu takes it and smiles. Ganga and Jagya have a small eyelock.

Anandi asks Dadisa and Sumi why they look tensed. Sumitra tells her, Jagya went somewhere. We called him so many times, but he didn’t pick up. Anandi remembers Jagya telling her that Ganga will leave for Mangalore very soon. Anandi now tries calling, but Jagya has forgot his phone at the home. Anandi says, no one is picking. She then says in her mind, how can Jagya leave like this on his engagement day? Dadisa asks what we will say to Sanchi’s family. Anandi calls Shiv to find out how much time they have to find Jagya. Shiv says, you called on right time.. look at the door. Anandi turns and whole Sanchi’s family is coming in. Anandi, Dadisa, Sumi put a fake smile on their faces. Dadisa welcomes Sanchi’s family. Anandi asks about Mahi. Alok says, he got ready, but then got call from his coach so he went to play cricket. Daddu gives roses to Dadisa after saying a beautiful poem.. I would have brought stars and moon, but what would you do with it? So that is why I brought these lovely flowers. Daddu then asks about Jagya. Dadisa says, he must be coming. Daddu jokes asking if she hid him, when you usually hide girls. Daddu says, is it new tradition to hide guys? Everyone laughs. Anandi tells Daddu to meet Jagya later.. meet Gehna’s daughter first. They ask what name they kept. Anandi says, Bhairavi. Everyone loves the name. Ira is excited to see Sanchi as well. Bhairo and Basant return without Jagya. Dadisa wonders where Jagya went putting them in this situation.

Ganga tells Jagya, why did you come? i was going peacefully. There are already so many misunderstandings and today on your engagement day.. you again made me a reason for bringing troubles in that family. She asks Jagya why he doesn’t understand.. what everyone will think. Mannu cutely wipes Ganga’s tears. Jagya smiles and tells Ganga, Mannu is more understanding than you.. he knows when someone comes when you are going, then you don’t cry. You should be happy. You should talk good, so your journey goes fine.. and others whom you leave behind, don’t feel that much pain either. Song starts in the background.. Kaisi Hai Ye Udaasi. Ganga smiles. Both have eyelock again. Ghanshyam kaka disturbs them and says that Ganga is getting late. Jagya tells Ganga to call him once she reaches Mangalore. Jagya takes Mannu in his hand. He hands over him to Ganga once she sits in the truck. Both Jagya and Ganga keep looking at each other. As the truck slowly slowly goes away from Jagya, tears start pouring down from his eyes. He asks himself why these tears? He can’t see the truck at all and seems sad.

Bhairo now calls Lal Singh asking if Jagya came there. He requests him to tell the truth. Lal Singh tells him the truth that Jagya went behind Ganga to the bus stop. Bhairo calls a worker and tells him to go to the bus stop. Basant tells Bhairo they should sit down with Sanchi’s family now. They join everyone. Dadisa asks indirectly if their work is done. Bhairo says, it will be done.. gave responsibility to someone else. Gehna is bringing her daughter down. She too quietly asks Sumi if Jagya came back. Sumi nods her head to say no and they join everyone in the living room. Sanchi’s family takes Gehna’s daughter in their hands. They tell Gehna her name is very beautiful. Daddu gives her a gift.

Anandi brings Sanchi down. She looks very beautiful and everyone just keeps looking at her. Meenu puts a kala tika on her and says, you’re looking very beautiful. Then Ira also says, you’re looking lovely and kisses her forehead. Ira notices a waistband and asks her who gave. Ira looks at Anandi and asks if it’s hers. Anandi says, it’s not mine.. it’s of daughter in law of this house.. so Sanchi’s. Daddu is proud of Anandi and gives her the blessings. Sanchi asks Daddu to say something about her as well. Daddu says a beautiful poem again and gives her a rose. Sanchi hugs him and says, love you daddu. Daddu says, love you too. Alok says, we saw bride already.. if we see groom, then it will be great. Daddu says, we should start engagement’s preparation now. Bhairo receives a call from someone.

Bhairo comes on a side to talk. The worker informs that there is strike and no buses are operating. Bhairo tells this to Dadisa and Anandi. Dadisa and Bhairo dont understand where Jagya left putting them into a trouble. Dadisa says how we will say that he went behind Ganga. They turn and Shiv is watching at them. He comes to them. Anandi says, you were sitting with everyone so didn’t get chance to tell you about this. Shiv says, I understand.. but we should tell the truth to everyone. Till how long we will keep everyone in dark? He tells Dadisa, how many excuses you will give to everyone? Bhairo agrees with Shiv and tells Dadisa that there is no point hiding the truth.

They join everyone again. Daddu asks Dadisa why they hid Jagya. He says, girls take time to get ready, but here it’s opposite. The girl is ready and here already.. and there is no news about Jagya. Dadisa apologizes him and is about to say the truth, but right then Jagdish enters. Daddu says, here comes our doctor sahab. Anandi, Dadisa and others are relieved to see him. Dadisa is somewhat angry as well. Screen freezes on Jagya’s face.

Voiceover: When you make any decision in a doubt, one side of your mind is always against it – which becomes a reason for arguments within yourself and others.

Precap: Jagya is going to his room. Anandi comes and asks, you went to meet Ganga. Jagya nods his head to say yes. Anandi asks, Do you even realize how worried everyone was? Jagya walks in without answering. Anandi wonders if it’s his worry only for Ganga or something else.
Other hand, Shiv asks Jagya what’s going on in his mind and whether he even wants to marry Sanchi or no. Shiv asks him to say something as it’s question of his younger sister’s life.


Update Credit to: Shreya

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