Balika Vadhu 1st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 1st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anandi asking Nimboli to take sindoor carefully. She says shall I drop you? Nimboli says she came with Bapusaa and asks how you will go home. Anandi says she will go by car. She asks what did you ask from God. Anandi tells her that she says she asked something for her daughter. Nimboli asks where is your daughter? Anandi says I don’t know. Nimboli says who will know them if not mother. Anandi says she doesn’t know. Nimboli asks her not to cry. Anandi calls her meethi Nimboli, ays you are very different and sweet. Nimboli hugs her happily. She asks her to meet her again. Anandi says Devimaa will make us meet again. Akhiraj Singh gets his chappal repaired. He takes his chappal and comes to the temple. Anandi ties the holy thread to the tree. Nimboli sees Akhiraj Singh coming and leaves from there. He keeps looking back. Akhiraj asks what you are seeing? He scolds her and asks to sit fast. Anandi comes outside the temple and sees Nimboli going in the jeep. Nimboli waves her bye.

Anandi is on the way in the car. She sees a lady waiting for an auto and curses the driver for not stopping. Anandi asks what is the matter. The lady says she is waiting for an auto as her son is ill. Anandi offers to drop her. The lady says she knows her. Anandi says I am against child marriage. The lady says she is Ratan Singh’s mum and requests her to drop her home.

Kundan makes the arrangements at home. The decorator says he needs more money. Akhiraj says his daughter is marrying in a rich family and asks him to do the arrangements well. He agrees. Kundan says they shall get some crackers. Nimboli hears him. Akhiraj asks him to get whaever he likes. Nimboli thinks why they can’t see Kamli’s tears.

Kundan asks Nimboli to do the work. Nimboli says I came here to called you people for having food. Akhiraj Singh says okay. Anandi drops Ratan Singh’s mum to her house. She thanks her for informing her about Mannu. She asks her to come inside and meet Ratan. She says Ratan would be happy knowing about Mannu. Anandi comes inside the house and sees Ratan Singh in bad condition. Ratan Singh turns and sees her. Anandi reminisces the past. Ratan Singh gets up. His mum tells him about Mannu. Ratan Singh cries and says he has fulfilled the promise to keep away from Mannu all these years. He says can I meet my Mannu for one last time. Anandi is shocked.

Nimboli comes. Harki asks did you call Kundan and his father. Nimboli says they said that they are coming. Akhiraj Singh stares Disa. She feels his presence and is shocked to see him. She covers herself and continues cooking. Harki comes and calls him. Akhiraj eats the food and praises the food saying bhabhisaa made it. Harki says she was busy so bhabhi saa made it. Akhiraj says you did well. Disa says Kamli is hungry and you people are eating here. She says if anything happens to her then it will ruin our respect. Akhiraj asks Harki, why you didn’t give her food. Harki says you said that you will give her. Akhiraj calls her mad woman and says you should have thought this. He asks her to make Kamli eat the food. He stares Disa again. Nimboli prays to God to unite Gopal and Kamli.

Kamli reads Gopal’s letter that he will come to take her. She is happy to read that. Gopal writes that if they couldn’t live together then they will die together. Akhiraj appoints the security. Kamli wonders what to do.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Kundan and nimboli plz consummate…y their suhag raat is not till nw

    1. How can u post such comment shame on u

  2. Stop ds show yaar

  3. being a women how can u talk like this really shame on u

  4. Miss divya was u f**ked by someone at nimbolis age .u r a shame on a girls or women name .

  5. Shame on you how can you comment such a thing are you not a women or dont understand womens fellings

  6. I agree sakku but plz try not to go that far

  7. @Divya, they are just the kids and Nimboli is only 11 years old. They shouldn’t be married as children. This is against the law. Please stop comment like this. Anandi should get her daughter back now.

  8. Please sakku mind your language, divya might have read only written updates and didn’t see this show on tv, otherwise she would know that Nimboli is only 11 years old and got forcibly married to Kundan when she was only 3 months old and that time Kundan wan 7 years old. Now he is 18 and Nimboli is 11.

  9. I saw ds show…i wannt them to grow then consummate… i just want to see their suhag raat….don’t u all??

    1. Girl like nimboli should not stay with kind an he is an idiot

    2. Ar u mad or stupid

  10. Divya….ur shameless child. I am 30 and I don’t care and u must be what 10 or something !!God this new generation

  11. I allso want their suhagraat

  12. Hey… Anandi and jagya was in the same room…. Andani and jagya married when the were 8years old…

    Do you think who married when they were child didn’t have such relationship in real life??
    We have even head 11year old child is a mother…

    If balika vadhu is going against child marriage they should show how a child is suffering from these kinds of relationship too…
    I think Divya is right…

  13. Raj, how can u even think about it.please think properly ! If I am younger than u but very pretty will u f**k me?

  14. All those who want the suhag raat thing, please visit a psychiatrist. Tellyupdates should review the messages before posting it publicly.

  15. amrutha devalla

    i really want anadhi to meet her daughter nandini. i want nandini to cme out of there house so that she can stay with her mother. i want suhag raat done for kamli and gopal.

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