Balika Vadhu 19th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 19th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Gopal seeing the goons coming to the dhaba. He holds Kamli’s hand and hides with her. The goons ask the man sitting there with his wife, to lift the veil. The woman shows her face. The goons leave from there. Gopal and Kamli see them going. Kamli says everyone knows about us now. Gopal says we have to be careful now. Pushkar gets ready for the marriage and looks at the decorated horse. Pushkar’s mum asks him to sit on the horse. Pushkar asks his father to sit on it instead. Pushkar’s dad explains to him to sit on horse. Akhiraj and Harki come there. Everyone look at them. Pushkar’s dad says everything is fine here. We are leaving from here with baraat. Akhiraj says there is still time for him to step on horse. Pushkar’s dad asks what is the matter. Akhiraj says Pandit ji took out wrong mahurat, but now told that there is a rahu kaal in day time, so they can’t let the marriage happen now. He says we have to shift the mahurat till the evening. Everyone is shocked. Pushkar’s dad asks the band guys to stop. Akhiraj looks on tensedly. Pushkar’s dad says how can Pandit ji do this mistake. Akhiraj says he can’t scold a brahmin. Pushkar’s dad agrees to bring baraat in the evening. Harki thinks if we don’t get Kamli till the evening then what will happen. Akhiraj greets them and leaves with Harki.

Shivam tells Anandi that he did his homework and wants to play with Mannu and Abhi. He looks at Nandini’s pic at her desk and asks who is she? Anandi thinks about Ganga’s words that whether Anandi will be able to tell Shivam about Nandini. Anandi tells she is Nandini. Shivam asks who is she? Anandi says she is your twin sister. Shivam looks on and says she is so beautiful. He asks where is she? Anandi is about to say, just then Dadisaa comes and says we didn’t tell you as your sister is lost in her childhood. Shivam says I will pray that she comes back. I will play with my sister. He asks her to find his sister. Anandi gets teary eyed and smiles. Shivam says can I keep her photo in my room. Anandi nods yes. Shivam takes Nandini’s photo. Anandi tells Dadisaa that she couldn’t stop herself from revealing the truth. Dadisaa says you did right. Shivam accepted the truth easily and made relation with his sister. Anandi says may be God hears a brother’s prayers.

Pandit ji tells Pushkar’s family that he talked to Akhiraj’s pandit and he told that there is no rahu kaal. He says Akhiraj wanted evening wedding and asked Panditji to shift the mahurat. Pushkar’s dad thinks why did he lie to us. Now this marriage will happen once he tells the truth. Nimboli says this marriage will not happen now. Disa asks why you are saying this. Nimboli says Kamli will not be found, as Gopal….Disa asks who is Gopal? She asks what is the matter? She gets angry. Nimboli asks her to promise not to tell anyone. She says Kamli loves Gopal and she eloped with him. Disa looks in shock. Nimboli tells her everything about Kamli’s love story. Disa sits in shock. Nimboli tells that Kamli and Gopal will be happy together and that’s why she helped them. Disa thinks Kamli and Gopal shall not be caught else Akhiraj will give them rigorous punishment. Nimboli asks why you are thinking. Disa says I am thinking about you.

Kundan brings eunuch home. She says Chaganlal’s son Gopal eloped with Kamli. Nimboli hears them. Kamli and Gopal hug each other. Gopal praises her beauty.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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