Balika Vadhu 19th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 19th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Vivek cross examining Rasika. He asks, how do you cook? Rasika says, I didn’t understand. Vivek asks, what you use to make food. Rasika says, Gas. Vivek says, it means you don’t use Kerosene. He says, your husband have used the kerosene. from where he bought it. He asks her to tell from where he got the kerosene. Had he decided to burn himself? Rasika says, he was very angry and that’s why he went to Shiv’s office. Vivek asks, how did he go?

Rasika says, his scooter was not working, so he might be working with Auto. Vivek says, didn’t you stop him from going. Rasika says, my mind didn’t work. Vivek asks, what happened at the office. She says, when I went there, he was burnt. I tried to save him. He went inside the office. Vivek asks, why he lighted himself before entering the office. Rasika says, I didn’t know. I thought to save his life anyhow.

Vivek says, Shiv and Ram Singh tried to save Narendra, but you didn’t do anything. You was just crying and screaming. Vivek says, I have objections with the investigation of Police. He says, Police ignored CCTV footage. Why Police didn’t take the footage in their custody. He says, investigation have not done properly.

Judge orders the Police to collect the proof and submit in the court. Court is dismissed for the day. Everyone are tensed at Shiv’s home. Subhadra asks, what happened in court. Vivek says, Police didn’t do the proper investigation and we don’t have proofs to prove him innocent. Anoop says, people sympathizes with women. He says, it is very shameful that some women misuse the power of Law. Daddu says, we are living in civil society. Alok says, I get angry too.

Anoop says, we know Shiv is innocent. Anandi says, I have full faith that Shiv will be freed soon. Subhadra asks, what you will do to solve the problems? Meenu says, Anandi is Shiv’s wife and wants his betterment. Anandi is trying find the solution and thinking positively.

Shiv says, It was my mistake. He says, I feel someone’s pain. I think I need to change. Meenu says, bad thing will not be always. I have full faith on you. She asks everyone to freshen up as she brings tea.

Ratan’s father is in the hospital. He opens his eyes while Jagya and Ganga stand beside him. He asks, what happened to you. Jagya tells him that he was in the bus when he vomited blood and fell unconscious. Jagya says, I informed your wife. Ratan’s Dad says, what happened to me. Jagya asks Ganga, go and check if the reports have come.

Inspector refused to show the CCTV footage to Anandi and Anoop. Anoop tries to reason with him. He asks, why you are not showing us. Inspector says, if SP give you permission then I will show you.

Jagya looks at the X- ray. He tells Ganga that his spleen has ruptured and we have to operate him immediately. Ganga calls on Ratan’s home. Nobody picks the call. She calls his neighbour. She is being informed that Ratan’s mom left 1 and a half hour ago. Jagya says, we can’t take the chance. We have to start the operation.

Anoop and Anandi wait outside SP office. He shouts at the constable as they were waiting since hours. Anandi asks him to calm down. SP comes and asks what is happening here. Anoop asks, what is happening here at your office. He tells that Inspector refused to show them CCTV footage. SP says, I am in the meeting, I will call you when I get free. Anoop says, when you will be fee? SP asks them to maintain silence and wait for him. He says, your son was collector, but not anymore. He was accused. Anandi says, you should have told us clearly that you won’t help us. She asks Anoop to come.

Ratan’s father is taken to the operation theater. Vimla comes and asks where are you taking my husband? Jagya is about to say. Vimla says, you got a chance to play with my husband’s life. Jagya and Ganga ask her to let them go. Vimla asks them not to touch her husband. She says, I don’t believe you. Jagya says, you are thinking you. Vimla screams and tells the people to help her. Lal Singh tells Jagya that he is sinking. Jagya asks her to trust him and assures that he won’t let anything bad happen to you.

Vimla looks at her husband. Ratan’s Dad is taken inside the ICU. Vimla tells Jagya to remember, not to break her trust.

Precap: Daddu tells CCTV footage is lost. He says, we have to see what else we can do. Alok says, we have to enquire about Rasika’s past.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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