Balika Vadhu 19th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 19th June 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 19th June 2013 Written Update

Shiv’s mother is looking at Sanchi’s photos. Alok comes there and she puts album on a side and pretends to be sleeping. Alok figures it out. Shiv’s mother says, what can I do? It bothers me a lot after knowing what happened with Sanchi. Despite me wanting, I couldn’t hug her. Alok asks her to be positive and think that not much happened with her as Jagya saved her on the last moment. Shiv’s mother says, I also feel bad because I couldn’t thank Jagya till now. Alok says, what if both your problems solve together? He says they will go to Jaitsar tomorrow and asks her to keep it a surprise.

Anandi comes to Jagya. She asks him, what do you think Ganga’s doubt is true? If it is, then it’s not good because that Ratan singh is very dangerous. Once he decides to take revenge… he can do anything which we have seen already. You will have to be careful. Jagya says, how careful one can stay? I can’t stop going to the hospital.. or can’t stay inside house scaring from Ratan Singh. And we have Ganga’s responsibility as well. Anandi says, i can understand and she appreciates Jagya for helping Ganga like this. I can’t imagine in which condition Ganga and her child would have been if you and this family didn’t help her. Jagya says, that’s what I was trying to explain to Sanchi when she blamed Ganga for all this. He asks her, what she was trying to say? That we remove Ganga and her child out of this house? Anandi says, Sanchi is immature.. Jagya says, I know.. I figured that when I met her first. She is only daughter from a rich house so she is spoiled a bit. She’s stubborn as well and arrogant to some extent. But I am surprised to see her coming here after my accident. I know she wants to return favor to me when I did no favor to her. I don’t like her saying anything to Ganga. She’s very difficult to understand. Anandi says in her mind, Jagya still didn’t find out that Sanchi started liking him. I will have to leave with Sanchi as soon as possible. Jagya asks her, what are you thinking about? Anandi says, about what you just said that she wants to return favor to you. She explains him, Sanchi is immature and sometime she makes mistake.. just like how we did when we were of her age. Jagya says, not you.. but I have and got punishment as well. Anyways, Sanchi will get mature with age and experience. Anandi says in her mind, faster she gets matured, better it will be for both families.

Inspector comes to Shiv’s house and informs the family that hearing will take in a month time and gives him some papers to take Sanchi’s signature. Shiv says, but she is not here.. when she comes.. we will take signature and send you back the file. Inspector leaves.

Daddu asks Alok to bring Sanchi back with them as they are going Jaitsar. Alok doesn’t feel good due to hearings, police case. He says, Sanchi will have to give statement and they ask such nasty questions. Sanchi will have to go through all that pain again. Shiv’s mother agrees with Alok. Daddu and Shiv say, but someone will have to take a stand.. and there is no Sanchi’s fault and we shouldn’t be ashamed of saying truth. Shiv’s parents say, but what about embarrassment that Sanchi will have to take? Daddu says, because of this mentality of our society, men keep doing stuff like this. Shiv agrees with Daddu and says, Sanchi is victim, not a culprit. Daddu says, those guys did a crime and they should be punished.

Anandi comes to know the update on college.. whether it started building or no, but the guy says that they are trying their best, but they just don’t have enough fund. anandi says, I will see what can be done.

Sanchi comes to Sumitra with the coffee. Sumitra says, I drink that occasionally only. Sanchi gets disappointed. Sumitra says, I didn’t say that I never drink.. you made it with so much love.. how can I refuse? She drinks it. Sanchi says, I don’t make tea that good.. so I just make coffee. Sumitra says, then you should have told Ganga.. she makes good tea.

Sanchi says, after yesterday I just don’t feel like talking to Ganga. Don’t you think you made mistake by keeping Ganga in this house? You guys are so good and everyone respects this family a lot. You guys don’t have to do anything with Ratan Singh either. If Ganga wasn’t saying in this house, then that Ratan Singh wouldn’t dare to do anything. For no reason You all, especially Jagdish, became enemies with Ratan Singh. We are very lucky that God saved Jagdish.. otherwise who knows what would happen with Jagdish after how they beat him. She continues, this Ratan Singh isn’t going to stay quiet.. he can do anything. Taiji is pregnant and everyone is so happy.. but what if that Ratan Singh takes out his anger on her? There is no point of taking risk. Ganga and Ratan Singh are husband and wife.. if they can’t get along… why should your family be punished? Poor Jagdish is training Ganga to be a nurse and he loves her kid so much.. and that Ratan Singh is behind Jagdish. What kind of people are in this world. Sanchi gets a call so she goes outside. Screen freezes on Sumitra’s horrified face.

Precap: Ganga comes to the kitchen to help Sumitra, but Sumitra refuses saying she will do it.
Anandi tells Shiv that there is more than friendship between Jagdish and Sanchi.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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