Balika Vadhu 19th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 18th April 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 18th April 2013 Written Update

Anandi is doing work in the kitchen and Sanchi comes there. Sanchi doesn’t know whether what Anandi is doing for Meenu is right or no. She suggests her to talk with Jagdish. Anandi says we are already doing treatment with our family doctor and it’s not good to talk with 2 docotrs. Anandi says, or is it like you just don’t want to talk to him? Sanchi asks her about her past. Anandi says, I have forgotten that long time ago. Sanchi says, do you have any guilt? Or you think we might catch you if we discuss that? Anandi is leaving and tells her, on Holi day in drunkenness I already told you what’s in my heart. She leaves.

Girl (Kanchan) and her family are at Jagya’s house. Girl’s parents tell Jagya’s family how they were treating her so bad and made her like a servant. Jagya’s family says you did absolutely right thing. Girl is all quiet till now. Girl’s father says we complained to police, but then said we dont want to do same with them so didn’t take the matter further. In end it was about our daughter’s future. Jagya’s dad says I understand you totally. They give juice to Kanchan’s family. Kanchan drops juice on herself. Ganga takes her to clean her clothes. Parents say Kanchan still gets scared in front of outside people.

When she’s cleaning her legs, Ganga sees payals in her leg. She asks you still have them worn? Kanchan first says, yes.. because they are of god. But then she says, they are not coming out so.. Ganga says in her mind, parents were saying they brought her back to save her life, and when marriage is broken, what’s meaning of having wedding memories with you? They come out and join everyone again. Parents say our Kanchan is very simple. read full updates daily only at Dadisa says before deciding this rishta, I want jagya to see her.. both can talk with each other and understand each other, in end they two have to live with each other. Jagya has gone to hospital. Parents tell them they can meet in temple tomorrow. Jagya and Kanchan will meet each other, and they will also do darshan. Dadisa agrees with this.

Ganga comes to Jagya’s room with tea. He says I really need it.. so tired from work. He tells her tea is very good. Ganga asks him if Dadisa told him about Kanchan.. he has to go to meet her tomorrow. Jagya with not much interest says I know. Ganga says, don’t rush.. know her properly as it’s about your entire life. Jagya says who am I to test anyone. I told Anandi to find girl for me and now when my family likes the girl, then I don’t even need to meet her. I just said yes to make everyone happy. Ganga says, I know what you’re saying.. but it’s better if you know her properly. She leaves. Jagya recalls her words and says Ganga is very alike Anandi.

Anandi is in Meenu’s room and Shiv in her room. Both talk with each other using sms messages. Anandi asks him to sleep. Shiv replies back in shayri style saying if not you beside me, then at least your memories.. good night. Meenu asks Anandi, haven’t you slept yet? Anandi says I was about to sleep and she sleeps.

Ganga is in her room and still thinking about her and Kanchan’s conversation. She says I feel something is wrong. It’s better to be alert. Then she says, maybe it’s just because of what happened with me.. I don’t believe in marriage anyone.. doctor sahab went through so much.. and now everything should be good in his new life. She prays god to give a wife to Jagya who keeps him very happy.

Jagya is waiting at temple. Kanchan’s father brings her to him. He introduces Kanchan to him and leave them alone.

Voiceover: Some people have natural gift of identifying others just by talking and seeing their behavior.

Precap: Kanchan’s father is talking with a lawyer. He wants to take out maximum amount possible from Jagya’s family. Lawyer says if this marriage happens, then you will be very rich. Ganaga listens this.
At the temple, Jagya tells Kanchan he’s ready for the marriage for his family’s happiness.

Update Credit to: shreya

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