Balika Vadhu 18th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 18th November 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 18th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Jagya bringing so many toys for Mannu. Nandu and Mannu are overwhelmed. Dadisaa says you brought the shop. Gehna says, what is the need Nandu will not study anymore. Jagya says it is not for Nandu. Jagya asks Ganga to pick toys of her choice. And tells Dadisaa that soon they will open a play balwadi/play school outside the hospital. He says nurse Sheetal has a small kid and the balwadi will be good for the kids. Jagya says you don’t have to worry about Mannu as he will be in balwadi. Dadisaa says, can’t you trust on you? Ganga says no, it is not like that… and continues that he mingles with you and didn’t miss me. I know he troubles you and Taisaa should look after Bhairavi. Sumitra says it means Mannu will go daily. Ganga says no, you can keep him at home whenever you likes. Jagya says he can even interact with kids and learn new things. Dadisaa agrees. Bhairov and Basant appreciates his effort for his employees. Bhairov says he is proud of them.

Anandi recalls about Meenu’s words that Shiv is indeed Ira’s son, and she gets disturbed. Shiv comes and says I got a gift for you. He gives some fruits and asks, whether you recalled the childhood memories. Anandi looks at him and says he is looking like a baby. Shiv says he will love the adopted kid and will be a kid with him. He says he will give him care and love which every child needs. Anandi tells him not to tell him as adopted kid. Shiv says but reality doesn’t change and he will remain as an adopted kid. Anandi says she will bring water, Shiv asks, are you upset? Anandi says she is feeling tired. Shiv asks her to share her worries and says I will love you the most. Anandi says your love is my strength, need and my identity.

Ganga shows the different playschools in the laptop to Jagya. She says we have to take care of baby’s needs and have to appoint the staff. Jagya says don’t forget you are a nurse and we shall make a rule that the nurse on duty should not spend more than an hour. Ganga asks, are you jealous of Mannu? Jagya says it is about the hospital rules. Ganga says ok, I will assist other doctors too as I am a nurse and have to follow the rules strictly.

Jagya and Ganga gets closer and Jagya says we are off duty now so….Ganga brings tea for Dadisaa, she praises her. Sumitra too praises Ganga. The neighbour Dulari comes and invites them home as she has become a Dadi. Dadisaa says we will come. Ganga falls down accidently, Sumitra and jagya rushes to her. Dadisaa says she might have got hurt in the tummy. Jagya is shocked. Jagya gives the injection and says she will be fine. Ganga says she is better. Jagya says he will get the test done for the inner wound. Dadisaa asks her to come home. Sumitra asks Jagya to send Ganga back home.

Ira calls Saachi to come for lunch. Saachi says she is coming. Meenu says it seems Saachi’s mood is good after meeting with Ankita. Saachi comes and says she will eat only 1 roti. Ira says ok. Anandi tells Saachi that your dal is without ghee. Saachi says she will eat ghee dal as it is tempting. Anandi has no choice but to agree. Saachi says Dal is good. Anandi says she has prepared butter milk and goes to get it. She mixes the medicine in Saachi’s glass. She gives the butter milk to Saachi. Saachi says she forgot her mobile and goes to her room, holding glass in her hand. Anandi and Ira looks tensed.

Dadisaa asks about Ganga. Sumitra says she came back and is in her room. She says reports will come in the evening. Dadisaa says Saroj step up on the golden stair and says she wants to see jagya’s child. She wants to see Jagya’s ansh. Sumitra says Ganga will fulfilled your wish. Dadisaa wonders what might be Jagya and Ganga’s decision about the baby. Ganga smiles and thinks to talk to Jagya.

Wishes are sometimes bad. It bring a person in the realm of possibilities from where he cannot come out.

Sumitra asks about Ganga’s report. Jagya says yes and says Ganga couldn’t become a mother again due to the mistake during Mannu’s birth. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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