Balika Vadhu 18th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 18th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Nimboli doing the kitchen work and stares at Harki’s food plate while she is eating non stop. Harki scolds her for staring her plate. Nimboli says she is staring at the cold leftover tea which is on the stove and asks for it. Harki refuses to give her anything to eat. Nimboli feels pain and asks Harki to make turmeric lep for her wound. Harki refuses and asks how dare you to asks me. She asks her to go and do the work. Nimboli shows her leg. Harki says it is not yet broken and asks her to wash the clothes. Nimboli gets up with injured leg and goes to wash the clothes.

Sarita asks Pooja, why you came late. Pooja tells her that she met Mannu on the way, but he didn’t give her lift. Sarita says he might be late to school. Pooja asks her about the aloo zeera dish which she is making. Sarita says she is making for Anandi and Dadisaa as they like it. Pooja asks her to give it in tiffin for Mannu. Sarita agrees and asks her to get ready.

Disa calls Nimboli and says I heard your conversation with Harki. She asks her to eat something silently. Nimboli says her stomach is full. She says she just acted to be hungry infront of Maasaa and laughs. She tells that she had plucked the fruit. She takes out from the box and shows to Disa. They sit down. Nimboli asks her not to tell anything to Harki. Disa says you didn’t feel any pain as you numb your body when she hits you. Nimboli laughs and tries to get up, but feels pain and calls Maa. Disa shows concerned towards her. Nimboli asks whenever I am in pain, why Maa comes from my mouth. Disa tells that this happens with every person of the world. Whenever anyone feels pain, they call their maa. She tells that the child is mothers’ part.

Nimboli hears very carefully. Disa says when it hurts, then maa word comes from the heart. Nimboli says my maa will be like you, really. Disa looks lovingly and hugs her. Nimboli goes to wash the clothes. Disa is pain to see Nimboli washing clothes while she is hurt.

Pooja gets ready and wears the dress. She imagines Mannu looking at her and smiles. She thinks I see you everywhere, but you don’t have the time to see me. She wears the dupatta and asks do you like it. Imaginary Mannu nods no. Pooja says it is good. She wears another dupatta and asks him. He smiles and shows thumps up. Pooja smiles. Sarita calls her. Pooja goes.

Nimboli is still washing. Harki comes and scolds her again. Nimboli says she can’t wash anymore as she is feeling pain in her leg. Harki asks is it really paining? Nimboli says yes, that’s why I asked you to make haldi lep. Harki asks her to shut up and gives her more work to do and throws something on her leg. Nimboli shouts maa. Harki asks her to think many times before making any excuse.

Bindiya asks how will you give aloo zeera to Mannu. Pooja says she will give him. She says she is seeing him everywhere. Bindiya says he is really there. Pooja calls Mannu and asks Bindiya to wait for her. Mannu thinks he will tease Pooja today. Pooja asks how come you are here? Mannu says he came to give some documents to Anandi Maasi. Pooja gives tiffin to Mannu and says I knows you likes Aloo Zeera. Mannu says he didn’t like it and says sorry. Pooja says it is made by Sarita mum. Mannu takes the tiffin. Pooja gets angry. Mannu says I would have eaten it if you have made it. Pooja smiles and gives the tiffin. Mannu teases her and leaves. Pooja smiles.

Nimboli sees Harki’s dupatta on the floor with ants all around it. She gets tensed. Harki asks her to bring her dupatta.

Harki asks whether the work is done. Nimboli says yes, she did all the work. Harki says God is watching you. Harki feels itching because of ants in her dupatta. Nimboli laughs.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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