Balika Vadhu 18th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 18th April 2014 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 18th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Dadisaa coming to Manish’s house with Gehna and explains her about surrogacy. Manish’s mom doesn’t agree with it and says we are getting Manish remarried. We will send the divorce papers. Gehna cries and says what is my sister’s fault. Manish stands silent. Gehna folds her hands and begs him to accept Kanchan. She cries miserably. Manish’s mom says, I gave birth to my son. He will agree to me. Kanchan comes and asks Gehna and Dadisaa to come. She says, you have bear enough insult because of me, but not anymore. No one will listen to us here.

Kanchan says, my husband is hiding his eyes from me. She recalls of the promises and vows. Kanchan asks them to come. Manish stops Kanchan and says you won’t go alone. I will also come with you. Manish says, I will fulfill all the promises made to you. We will be together. Manish’s mom gets angry. Manish says, I know that we can become parents. I can’t punish her. He leaves with Kanchan, Dadisaa and Gehna. Manish’s mom tells his father that Manish will return soon.

Rakhi comes to Saachi’s house. Saachi opens the door and welcomes her. She says, Vivek ji will be reaching soon. Rakhi says, I came to meet you. She says, I always hate you, but I realized I was wrong. Everyone are taunting me directly or indirectly and I have realized what you have gone through. I met Saurabh in jail and I was ashamed to be his sister. I am proud of Vivek Bhaiyya. I attended your marriage silently. She apologizes to Saachi. Vivek comes and says no need. He smiles. He says we will be happy that my sister is with us at this moment. He hugs Rakhi.

Vendors comes to Dadisaa and says why the panch people brought the farmers harvest/grain etc. Dadisaa asks them to buy it on Govt rates. They agrees. Dadisaa says okay, I will talk to farmers. They leave.

Anandi and Shiv reach home and see the journalist waiting for them. They ask Shiv about Amol. Shiv gives the interview and asks Amol not to worry as he will search him as soon as possible. All the beggars watches the news and get alarmed and shocked. Amol tells the child beggar Tinku about his papa being the collector. All the beggars start packing their stuff. They start running as Police can arrive at any moment. Tinku hides with Amol.

One beggar forget the knife and goes to get it. Lady beggar asks the other beggars to search for Amol and Tinku. Tinku asks Amol about his address. Amol says, I forgot. He tells Anandi’s number. Amol asks Tinku to go. Tinku says no. All the beggars come there. Amol asks Tinku to go and inform his parents. Tinku hides inside the under construction beggar. Lady beggar finds Amol and says I will punish Tinku.

Anandi calls Shiv and asks about Amol. Shiv assures her that Amol will be find soon. Tinku comes to the public booth and dials Anandi’s number but it is busy. Tinku decides to go to Amol’s house and thinks collectors home can be easily found. All the beggars are in the car. Lady beggar tells the guy that they will go to Jaipur after 1 and a half hour. She says, he will beg there. Amol thinks Maa and Papa have to come here within an hour.

Anandi calls Shiv and informs him about Tinku’s call. Tinku is seen with them. He shows them Lady beggar’s car.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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