Balika Vadhu 18th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 18th April 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 18th April 2013 Written Update

Ganga and Jagya’s mother are getting dining table ready. Jagya’s mother sees a dish and says Jagya used to eat with so much interest before, but now he just eats little. Ganga says not a problem, we will make it different way then watch how he eats with interest. Jagya’s mother then doesn’t show interest which leaves Ganga surprised.

Shiv brings food to Meenu’s room and makes Anandi eat. Anandi asks him if he ate and asks him to eat as well. They both eat.

Sanchi is talking to herself we all care about Meenu but we don’t showoff like Anandi. It’s her plan to impress everyone. Maybe she played games at Jagya’s house as well to impress everyone. Poor Jagdish don’t know how he would have gone through all that. She decides to call Jagya as he is the only one who can make her mood good. She thinks of an excuse and then calls Jagya. Jagya jokes that he will have to start charging consulting fees. Sanchi tells him her leg is fine and asks if she can start jogging from tomorrow. Jagya asks her to wait and gives her some tips. Jagya asks if anything else. Now Sanchi jokes saying to send her bill. After the call, Sanchi says Jagya is very sweet.. what would be reason for their divorce? Maybe Jagya and Anandi got divorced because of Anandi?

Matchmaker takes Jagya’s rishta to some family. After matchmaker leaves, girls parents say that is perfect house for their daughter as Jagya’s house cares about others alot.

Meenu tells Anandi you don’t get time to look after anything.. Shiv must be angry at me thinking I kept his wife to take care of me. I am fine now. Anandi says, no.. you’re not fully recovered yet and gives her medicine. Meenu says she doesn’t want to take it as they are too bitter. Anandi says, once you’re fine, then I will make sweet halwa for you. Meenu gets happy seeing Anandi taking care of her like this. She says if I had any daughter, then I would make my daughter just like you. Anandi looks at her. Meenu says, Sanchi is my daughter but there’s too much difference between you two. Anandi asks her, everyone in family gets mixed very fast, but Sanchi is very different. Meenu says, we are responsible for spoiling her. We fulfilled her all demands and that is why she became very stubborn. Anandi says I try to be like how I was with Sugna didi so I can become friends with Sanchi. Shiv’s mother listens this conversation.

Sanchi is doing exercises outside their house. Her mother comes with juice. Sanchi says I will have it after exercises. Her mother stops the music and says I want to talk about Anandi. She tells her Anandi is elder and your bhabhi, you have to behave well with her. Anandi is very matured and that’s why this matter didn’t go far. She’s trying to be nice with you and you. Sanchi gets angry and says, Anandi has became like Devi for you. If she is really that good, then why she got divorced. Her mother says, Jagya left and that is why divorce happened. Sanchi says, all this you heard from Anandi, but in reality there could be her fault as well. Her mother says, I listened to you before and doubted on Anandi and I went to Jagya’s house and had to embarrassed so much. I can’t do same mistake again. I will not force you to be good with Anandi, but I won’t take any of your bad behavior with her. Sanchi leaves in anger.

Matchmaker shows girl’s photo to Jagya’s family and says her parents will give as much as dowry you want. Dadisa says we dont want dowry. We are not selling Jagya. Bhairo is thinking about Gauri. Dadisa says dont talk about her on good occasions. Bhairo says how she will feel knowing about Jagya’s 2nd marriage? Dadisa says Jagya went to apologize her after so much happened, but she didn’t even meet. And you saying she still got some feelings about Jagya? Just like how Jagya came back on right path, I hope she also did. Matchmaker shows another photo and Jagya’s family likes her. Matchmaker says, but there is a problem with her.. she is a divorcee. It wasn’t her fault.. guy came out to be bad. He was beating his wife a lot so parents brought their daughter back. Now Jagya’s mother says, she is fine lookwise.. but.. Jagya takes the photo and asks, but what? She is a divorcee and that’s why your view changed? He reminds that he is also a divorcee and you also made Anandi marry 2nd time so she gets another chance and today she is happy. Shouldn’t this girl deserve another chance? It’s possible that like Anandi, this girl also didn’t do anything. We shouldn’t say all this before seeing the family. Jagya’s family is proud on him. Jagya’s father says we will meet with this girl like how we would meet with any other girl. Dadisa tells matchmaker to call them here tomorrow. Matchmaker says, why tomorrow? I will bring them today .. you do preparations to meet them.

Voiceover: Something related that You start living for others happiness.

Precap: Sanchi asks Anandi why her and Jagya got divorced? Is there anything about which she’s feeling guilty?
Dadisa tells girl’s family that matchmaker told them how guy treated her so badly. Girls parents say yes and that is they brought girl back.
Ganga sees some payal or something and doubts on that girl wondering why she didnt take that off when she left guy’s house.

Update Credit to: shreya

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