Balika Vadhu 17th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 17th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with everyone wishing Dadisaa on her birthday. Daddu gives her bouquet and wishes her. Dadisaa thanks him. Anandi gives a gift to her. Dadisaa is pleased to see it. Anandi hugs her. Shiv also gifts her. Dadisaa bless him. Mannu gives the card on kids behalf. Dadisaa bless him as well. Dadisaa recalls Mannu asking her to clean his hands. Gehna shows Dadisaa’s favourite sweets and says they prepared in the evening. Gehna takes her blessings. Ganga then gifts her. Dadisaa blesses Jagya and Ganga. She says this is not my age to take gifts. She thanks them. Makhan comes and gives her chocolates. Jagya tells her that she has to distribute chocolates among her classmates. Dadisaa gets shy.

Anandi says, we all know about it. Jagya told us. Dadisaa says, she thought to complete her education. Shiv and Daddu praise her. Daddu says, I am very impressed with you. He tells a poetry. Dadisaa also tells a poetry. Everyone look at her with surprise and applaud for her. Dadisaa says, she learnt this poem in the night. Jagya asks them to take rest, He tells about a surprise. Mannu says, it is a secret. Everyone smiles. Dadisaa comes to her school. Everyone sing Happy Birthday song. Jagya signs her to distribute chocolates. She distributes it. Principal asks the students to sit down. Dadisaa tells him that she completed her homework. Principal says, Jagya told him that he is taking you somewhere and grants leave to Dadisaa and Nandu. Dadisaa asks Jagya, where we are going.

Jagya brings Dadisaa and family somewhere. Dadisaa asks, what is your motive? Kids comes out singing Happy Birthday to you and showers flower petals on her. Anandi, Shiv, Jagya, Ganga, Gehna and kids smiles. Jagya asks Dadisaa to come in. He asks her to pull the rope. Dadisaa pulls its and sees Vasant’s Niketan. She gets happy while Gehna and Nandu get emotional. Everyone claps. Dadisaa blesses Jagya. Jagya asks her to remove the cloth and see what is inside.

Dadisaa says, I can’t bear so many happiness at a time. Jagya says, you have struggled so much and lost so many things. She pulls the cloth and see a statue of her dead son Vasant. Everyone get emotional and teary eyed. Dadisaa couldn’t keep her eyes off the statue. She hugs Jagya emotionally. Gehna and Nandu get teary eyes. Dadisaa says, I am very lucky to have you. It seems like my birth is successful. She wipes her tears. She asks, is there any more surprises. Jagya says no. We will go home and have food.

They go to the temple to seek God’s blessings. Gehna and Dadisaa distributes clothes to the poor and needy. They hear a bhagan sung by someone. Gehna says, this voice seems to be known. Panditji tells them that this man is staying in the temple from some days. He praises his singing. He shows the man cleaning the temple. Dadisaa tells him aloud to have food. He slips and falls from the stairs. Everyone get shocked. Shiv and Jagya rush to him. They see his face. Dadisaa and Gehna try to recognize him. Jagya tells Shiv that he didn’t get injuries. Dadisaa calls him Niranjan. Gehna looks at him and recalls her past.

Jagya does the bandages and says no need to worry about. He is about to fall down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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