Balika Vadhu 17th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 17th June 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 17th June 2013 Written Update

Badi Haveli

Jagya (J) and Sachi are shown in J’s room. J looks happy to be back home. He picks up a book from his table when Sachi quickly stops him saying that he needs to rest to recover fully and that he was discharged from the hospital only on that condition. J requests Sachi to not force him to lie down since he was tired of resting. But Sachi insisits saying that he being a Dr. is being irresponsible and pulls him to his bed for him to rest. She then thinks to herself that she is already sharing J’s room with him. Only if some of her clothes and make up stuff were lying around the room would have looked like a couples room and she wonders when that day will come. Sachi starts unpacking J’s bag when J asks her if she and Anandi (A) were leaving for Udaipur on the same day. Sachi asks him why he was asking and is he was waiting to get rid of them. J replies that since they have been away from Udaipur for long now and also that he is back home they should carry on. Sachi tells J that he need not worry about that and if it were in her capacity she would have never returned but stayed back forever to take care of J. J gets shocked hearing that when Sachi corrects herself saying that she meant till J recovered fully.

J thanks Sachi for taking good care of him and says that one of the reasons of him recovering so soon has been due to her care. Sachi feels very happy on hearing this and wonders to herself if J is thanking her just like that or if it is out of love for her. She feels that it is high time that she confesses her feelings to him. She then turns to J and tells him that she wants to say something to him. J asks her what the matter was. Sachi walks upto J leaving him surprised and is about to confess her love when Nandu interrupts their conversation. Nandu and J start talking to each other when Nandu complaints about no one taking him to the hospital and J inquiring about his studies. A disappointed Sachi excuses herself and walks out of the room.

At night fall, Bhairav and Sumitra ar in their room when Bhairav asks her why she looks so happy. She replies that one of the reasons is that J is back from the hospital while the other is since she is happy to see the house so full of life since Sachi’s arrival. She is happy to have had the chance of living with her due to which she realizes that Sachi is a very sweet kid who loves everyone around her so much. She is happy that Sachi addressed her as ‘Ma” and compliments seeing her in a lehenga which made her feel like she is part of the house. Bhairav agrees and says that Sachi was very quick in getting close to the family and Bhairav also gives equal credit to the family for making this happen. He says that the family’s love and concern makes anyone feel like home no matter if it were Sachi or Ganga.

In the next scene Ganga (G) and Mannu are shown with J in his room. J is playing with Mannu while a worried G is looking at them. She recollects all the happenings on the day of the attack on J. Seeing Mannu enjoying with J, J tells G that Mannu missed him a lot. But G doesn’t respond. Seeing a worried G staring at him, J asks her what the matter was. G starts crying and asks for forgiveness from J for asking him to take her to the temple the other day. She feels guilty that the attack happened because of that due to which both J and the family had to suffer. She begs for forgiveness from J which leaves J surprised.

In the next scene Sachi is in her night clothes in the room with A. She wears perfume and is about to leave the room when A asks her where she was going. An ever annoyed Sachi tells her that she is going to meet J and if A has any problem with that. A tells her that it is too late in the night and it will be inappropriate to go to meet him in her night dress. Sachi angrily questions A about the problem with her dress to which A tells her that the women in the house don’t wear such clothes nor are they habituated to see women in such clothes. Sachi lashes back at A saying that its high time the family changes their habits. Saying this she walks away. A tries to stop Sachi but she doesn’t listen to her. This leaves A thinking about how Ira blamed her of not taking care of Sachi. Just then A receives a call from Shiv (S).

She attends to call when she informs S about J being discharged from the hospital. Hearing this S is happy since he will get to see A soon. A says that even she wants to go back to S but Sachi… S interrupts asking her if Sachi misbehaved with anyone, to which A replies that she has mingled very well with the family due to which she doesn’t want to go back anytime soon. S tells A to consider him and come back soon. A tells him that she will try her best to convince Sachi to go back to Udaipur soon. S tells A that he is longing to meet her so they should come back soon. Saying this they disconnect the call.

Back in J’s room, J explains to G that the goons could have attacked him anywhere and hence she should not blame herself for this. Infact he is happy that she was with him that day and took him to the hospital or else who know how long he would have been on that lonely road or perhaps not even be alive today. Haring this G immediately covers J’s mouth, thus preventing him from speaking further. Just then Sachi comes to the door and witnesses the happenings. (J and G don’t see her). G tells J not to say such bad things. J apologizes and says that he will not say such things again but he also asks G to stop blaming herself for the attack. He asks her to stop crying and then wipes her tears. J tells G that her tears are very precious and she should not waste them. Seeing all this happenings, Sachi thinks to herself that before this villager G totally takes control of J she needs to do something about it. She remembers about the famous saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” and hence she decides to cook something for J.

Next day G and A are in the kitchen when G tells A that DS has asked her to make Kheer. Sachi arrives in the kitchen and tells a that she will also help in the cooking. A tells her that G and she will do the cooking but Sachi insists and orders G to take care of Mannu. G tells her that Mannu is with J and hence she is helping with the cooking. Sachi rudely insists on her leaving the kitchen to take care of Mannu so that J can take rest. G leaves and Sachi asks A how she can help. Sumitra enters the kitchen and is surprised to see Sachi there. Sachi complaints that no one teaches her to cook. Sumitra tells A to teach Sachi to cook one dish while A does the rest of the cooking. Sumitra also tells Sachi that she will teach her to make other things later. A tells Sachi to peel the boiled potatoes. Just then Sachi recollects G telling A that only she should make the kheer. So Sachi insists that she wants to make Kheer. Sumitra instructs A to teach Sachi and leaves.

In J’s room, J is playing with Mannu when G comes to take Mannu. J insists that he be let to play with Mannu. So G then tells J that she will clean his room. She watches them enjoying their time together.

In the kitchen A instructs Sachi what to do to finish making the kheer and tells her that she will be back in sometime. Sachi clicks a pic of herself in the kitchen and sends it to her friend thinking that she can surprise her. Her friend calls back and Sachi attends the call totally forgetting about the kheer that was still on the stove. Sachi tells her friend that she is doing all this to impress J and then tells her the details of how she welcomed J back home from the hospital. She tells her how happy the Singhs are with her. She tells her friend that she is dressed traditional and also making kheer only to impress J. Sachi then remembers about the kheer and turns to see the kheer burnt. She disconnects the call and wonders what to do with the burnt kheer. She hides it in one corner saying to herself that it would be better to not serve the burnt kheer.

Nandu comes to Gehena and asks her to give him food. Gehena instructs him to ask A. A goes to the kitchen and is wondering where Sachi was. She is also surprised to not see the kheer. She then spots it in the corner of the kitchen. Seeing the burnt kheer she wonders what to do. Nandu comes there and asks her if the food was ready. A asks him to wait till Bhairav and Basant are back.

Voice over

“In order to fulfill one’s desires, if a person goes against his/her inherent nature, he/she only receives defeat in return.”


G telling the family that Rat is a coward and that he might be behind the attack. A’s consoles G but Sachi irrupts saying that it cannot be taken lightly since its the matter of J’s life.

In the next scene Sachi is badmouthing G in front of Sumitra and instigating her on believing that they made a mistake keeping G in their house…

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