Balika Vadhu 17th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 17th August 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 17th August 2013 Written Update

Ganga meets hospital staff one last time. Everyone gives gifts to Mannu and says, everyone will miss them. Ganga says, we will miss you as well. You all took care of us and gave so much love. One nurse takes Mannu in her hands. Ganga comes to Jagya’s cabin and looks at his chair. She says, doctor sahab, if you weren’t there, then happiness would never come in my life. You kept encouraging me and kept telling that everything will be fine one day. Your own even doesn’t do as much as you did for me. I will be thankful to you my entire life. She touches his chair and remembers their first meeting and how Jagya encouraged her to fight against Ratan, how he encouraged her to study. She then remembers sweet time that they spent together. She says, give me permission.. I am leaving. Take care

of yourself. She cries.

Sanchi’s family is getting gifts ready. Mahi comes there. Alok tells him, i am noticing that you’re lost in some thoughts since many days. is there any problem? Mahi says, no. Daddu says, I know what it is.. Shiv got married, and now it’s his turn, but no one is asking him about it. Mahi says, it’s nothing like that. Daddu tells him to choose a girl in the engagement and they will return with double happiness. Everyone is laughing. Mahi leaves from there saying I will be back. Everyone wonders what’s wrong with him. Daddu says, it’s just love. He has fallen in love.
Sanchi thanks Anandi for getting her dress ready. Anandi says, you will look very beautiful.. and everyone will just keep staring at you. Sanchi says, I don’t care about others.. I only want to look beautiful to Jagdish. She’s going to show her dress to Jagya, but Anandi stops her. She says, if you show him now, then how you will see happiness and surprise on his face in the engagement. Sanchi says, that’s right.. but I can see what he’s going to wear at least. Anandi stops her again and says, how Jagya will be able to see your happy and surprised face. And you remember right what Dadisa said that you can’t meet Jagya before your engagement. Servant comes and tells them that Dadisa is calling for the function.

Sad Mahi is looking at Aashima’s scarf, recalling all his memories with her. He says, you could have at least given me one chance.. even if you had said no, today situation would be different. I can’t concentrate on anything. My family is talking about my wedding. There in Jaitsar, everyone will ask me about it as well. What will I say? The girl whom I love.. went away from my life… left me alone. What will I say, Aashima? He has tears in his eyes. He then receives a call from someone and is shocked.

Anandi and Sanchi come to the function. Anandi hugs and greets everyone. Dadisa then tells Anandi to call Gehna and Sumitra. Sanchi says, I will call Jagya. All ladies laugh. Dadisa says, in this function, guys can’t come. Sanchi says, I am sorry.. I don’t know much about rituals. Ladies laugh again. Dadisa says, don’t worry.. once you come to this house, I will teach you everything. And I also told you na that you can’t meet Jagdish before your engagement.

Jagya is looking at the teddy bear and says, Ganga must be leaving now. He then asks himself, it’s time so she will leave now.. why are you thinking so much about her? Ganshaym kaka is with her as well. Ganga is not responsibility now.. end this right here. He then remembers some flashbacks and says, Jagdish you should have gone with Ganga.

Ganga is ready to leave. She sits in a rickshaw. She gets happy hearing car’s noise, but it turns out be someone else, not Jagya. Her smile disappears. She then asks driver to leave from there. They finally leave.

The function is going on at Badi Haveli. Gehna does all the rituals. Sanchi is getting bored. She says in her mind, don’t these people get bored? I can’t do all this. Let me just get married to Jagya.

Jagya comes rushing to the hospital. He searches for Ganga. Lal Singh says, she left.. what happened? Jagya rushes to go to Ganga. Lal Singh tries to tell him that it’s his engagement today.. but Jagya has left before that. Lal Singh wonders what if they find out in Badi Haveli.

Ganga gets off the rickshaw. She turns back (in hope that she will see Jagya), but she only sees empty road. Screen freezes on her sad face.

Voiceover: Many times you go against yourself and your feelings, but your mind can’t accept it, and your expressions can tell the truth.

Precap: Sumitra tells Anandi and her family that Jagya is not home (Sanchi is not shown there). She asks, did he go to Mangalore to drop Ganga or what? What we will say to Sanchi and her family now?….

Update Credit to: Shreya

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