Balika Vadhu 16th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 16th March 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 16th March 2013 Written Update

Daadisa (DS) says its great when everyone from both families are together like this. The Shekhars should come to BH every Sunday. Some of the Shekhars look awkward especially as Sumi suggests that at least AnSh should visit as they are living in same place. Shiv says he has a complaint – they only want to see their Anandi not Shiv. DS says they think of AnSh as one. Shiv promises to come every holiday when Sanchi spills the truth of AnSh move to Jaitsar. All Shocked!

DS asks whether Shiv can refuse transfer. Shiv says he can, but that would be against the practice and training of civil service. Juniors are taught to follow the orders of their senior officers. Sumi says that means AnandI(A) will leave her…leave everyone. Shiv tells them they have to leave next week. CM says at first they were happy about the transfer to Udaipur, but now they feel selfish. DS and Bhairon try to ease the situation and understand. DS hugs Anandi and wishes a happy married life for her.

Later on after Shekhars leave
DS says that she used to console herself with the thought Anandi was still in Jaitsar if not with them. JaGAT wants to see if they can stop the transfer. DS says no – A needs to connect with the family she will be spending the rest of her life with. Sumi disagrees that the Shekhars can love Anandi as much as them and they should make the effort to keep her there. DS says that this is the reet (norm -practice)… you have to say farewell to girls eventually. She tells everyone to not express their sadness with Anandi. To send of her with happiness.

AnSh on Circuit House Roof
Shiv says that he didn’t want to tell Anandi about the transfer as he was scared of seeing her like this. Anandi says she sees Jaitsar so clearly…that even if someone left her blindfolded in the middle of it she would know where everything was. She says she doesn’t know how she will manage to be so far away from home for so long…then wiping her tears suggests her thoughts are childish.

CLICHE Alert Shiv tells her its not childish to share feelings – pain is reduced through sharing. Anandi slowly grabs shiv’s left biceps and rest her head on him. She asserts that though she shared her pain with him, she won’t show it to the Singhs but enjoy every moment that they remain in Jaitsar. She will leave with a smile so they become happy seeing her happy. Shiv gently rests his right hand on her left hand, which is around his bicep. He says she has her own way of dealing with grief and thinks of others before herself, so she can’t be wrong. To himself, Shiv thinks J’s cliched dialogue — he will give her unimaginable happiness in Udaipur – Sapno ka Ghar

VoiceOver: Though family separation is part n parcel of life even the thought of such separation makes people sad and apprehensive.

Precap: Dr. Jekyll is upset he won’t be able to see his kacha pyaar if she moves to Udaipur

Update Credit to: AnjanaYYZ

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