Balika Vadhu 16th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 16th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kids asking Shiv to let him go. Shiv asks him to understand his point of view. Rajeev jumps on him from backwards and points gun on his head. He snatches the pistol and fires on Rajeev’s leg. Rajeev falls down. The terrorist asks Shiv to let him go. He throws the bomb and escapes. Rajeev tells Shiv that the terrorist shall not escape. Shiv says yes. Ira comes to Anandi’s room and sees the room decorated. Anandi tells her that she is feeling strange and is restless. Ira asks her to have food and rest. Anandi says she will have food after sometime. Ira gives her elaichi and switches on the TV. The reporter tells about Shiv going after the terrorist to nab him. Shiv follows him. The terrorist fires bullet on Shiv.

The terrorist come to the terrace and waits for the helicopter. He fires bullet on Shiv. Both of them come face to face and puts gun on each other’s forehead. He says you will repent. Shiv says I will make you reach the right place. Shiv is about to fire the bullet, but his gun is short of bullets. They start fighting. Shiv takes out his shirt and beats him. The media and everyone present there are capturing their fight in the camera. Shiv faces him like a true soldier. He throws Shiv, but he gets hold of his scarf. Shiv is about to fall from the terrace. Police goes to the terrace.

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Anandi talks to Saachi. Amol comes back from school. Anandi asks him did you have lunch. Anandi didn’t see the Tv and leaves her room. Shiv struggles to come up. The terrorist takes out the knife and says I will blast this city after your death. This city will be shaken. He tries to cut the scarf. Shiv pulls him. They both fall on the ground. Everyone rushes to her. Shiv is seen in a pool of blood and gets unconscious. Anandi comes back to her room and looks out for her phone. She wonders why Shiv had not called him until now. Anandi dials on the number, but it comes as unavailable. She gets worried. The groom’s family asks the Police to take collector to the hospital and informs his family. She gets restless.

Anandi picks the call from the groom’s father informing her about taking Shiv to the hospital. She asks what happened. He tells everything. She gets shocked. He asks her to reach the hospital as soon as possible. Anandi rushes to the hospital. The media tells that the police is bringing Shiv to the hospital in a critical condition and hopes he gets well. Anandi and her family come there. Shiv is being operated in the operation theatre. Everyone is shocked. Anandi gets teary eyed.

Shiv is brought out of the operation theatre. Everyone is shocked to see his condition.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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