Balika Vadhu 16th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 16th April 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 16th April 2013 Written Update

At KB:

In their room Shiv tries to wake Anandi. She gets up having a hangover. Shiv tells her these are effects of bhang and hands over a glass full of lemon water to reduce her hangover. Anandi is all panicky because she does not remember much about the holi event. She continously asks Shiv, if she hasn’t misbehaved with anyone or hasn’t said something that she should not. Sshiv comforts her saying that all was good and she was perfectly alright. Anandi still doubts herself.

Shiv teases her further saying that he added bhang in lemon water. Anandi hits him with a pillow and they continue to tease each other.

Saanchi is watching the recorded video of holi’s celebration when Ira knocks. Ira confronts her regarding the use of bhang. Saanchi says she did all in good fun and that’s Alok, Shiv and the rest enjoyed. Ira expresses that she did not like the way she (Saanchi) fooled Anandi by making her drink bhaang. Ira says she can’t tolerate this and tells her to make sure that such a thing does not happen again. Saanchi gets irritated and walks out.

At Haveli:

Sumi is preparing for breakfast and Bhairon joins her. They mention of Ganga, and Bhairon expresses that Ganga is proving to be a big help in the family especially to Sumitra. Sumi does not take this in the right spirit and says that it is better if G stays in her limits. She explains that she did not like the way G interrogated J in his own family, making him look like a criminal.

B tries to make sense with Sumi saying that her words may be sharp but right. Sumi doesn’t buy that and says there are better ways of explaining. When B says that even for Anandi the family changed their ways of living then why not for G? Sumi gets all hyper at this point and makes it clear that G should not be compared with her Anandi. No one can be as good as A. Bhairon points out what wrong with Sumi, she has never been so possessive about Sugna either. He says at this rate she will become a ‘vamp-saas’ like those in Saas-bahu soaps. They both laugh at this.

Shekhars were at dining table sharing some light moments about their holi celebrations and missing Mahi too. Suddenly Meenu feels burning sensitivity due to rashes on her skin. Doctor says that is due to holi colours. Everyone’s skin reacts different to such colours. Saanchi blurts that it is all Anandi’s fault. doctor then prescribes some medicines and asks someone to stay with Meenu at all times. Anandi volunteers.

At Haveli

Mannu is enjoying with J, while G comes to serve tea to J. He feels awkward but welcomes her to sit and feed Mannu in the same room. G agrees. Still feeling awkward J decides to go out of the room but Ganga brings in a light moment reducing the awkwardness between them. J smiles.

At KB:

Anandi is shown to be taking care of meenu the whole day. She looks after her, feeds her and and supports her well. Daddu, Meenu, Ira and Shiv are clearly impressed with Anandi. Shiv feels very lucky to have a wife like Anandi.

Moral: Mistakes which are a result of over excitement, can be redeemed only when the person who has made that mistake takes full responsibility to sort it out. And this also forms the basis of humanity.

Pre-cap: Saanchi is talking to Jagya on phone, when she complaints against Anandi. she says due to A, Meenu had to bear the rashes and also describes how A tricked Meenu in to playing holi. J shocked.

Update Credit to: Missesha

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