Balika Vadhu 15th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 15th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Amol coming to Alok and requests him to help in his homework. Alok says, I am busy now. Amol insists so he agrees. Alok takes his book. Meenu and Anandi come to Anoop. Anoop asks them to go. Meenu says, I didn’t bring this tea for you. This is for Anandi and me. She says, she thought to place old photos in new album and have tea. Anoop says, ok. Meenu says, I brought this album for safe keeping of photos. We will do this infront of you. Anandi asks Meenu, how she wants to place the photos in the new album. They look at Anoop. Aanndi says, she don’t know and asks her to suggest. Meenu asks her to decide. Anoop says, he will do it. Alok solves Amol’s maths problem. Amol thanks and gives him chocolate saying Chote Daddu gave it for you. Alok takes the chocolate and gets emotional.

Anandi gives the chocolate to Anoop saying Alok gave it for him. He apologizes to you. Anoop gets emotional and takes it. Anandi and Meenu look on.

Gehna is at the godown. Munim Ji picks the phone and gives the call to Gehna. Gehna talks to the bank manager and says I will send you the report soon. She thanks him. Workers come and asks her to check the grain. She says ok. Nandu comes and says he came to help her. Gehna says you are already taking care of you and your sister. Nandu says, it means I can’t help you. Gehna asks him to concentrate on studies and help her after growing up. She gives him Jagya’s example and asks him to be like Jagya. Nandu agrees. He asks Munim Ji to send his mom soon. He says ok.

Amol tells Anandi and Meenu that he gave chocolate to Bade Dada. Anandi says, chote Papa got emotional. It seems our plan have worked. Alok comes and hears their conversation. Anoop too comes there. Alok says, I had a doubt that this chocolate is not sent by Anoop. Anoop scolds Meenu and Anandi for playing with his emotions. They are shocked. Mannu comes to Nandu. Nandu says, he is busy. Gehna tells Jagya and Ganga that he is counting the money. Jagya asks her, do you remember about tomorrow. Ganga says it means you forgot. Gehna asks them to tell. Nandu tells her that tomorrow is Dadisaa’s birthday. Gehna says, she forgot. Jagya says it is a sensitive issue. Ganga smiles and says Jagya thought something. Nandu says, they will gift something to Dadisaa. Jagya asks them to keep it a secret. Everyone smiles.

Meenu comes to her room. Anoop scolds her for supporting Anandi and Amol. Meenu says, I supported Amol as he can’t you both angry. Anoop is still angry and blames Alok for talking to him rudely. Meenu asks, what will ruin if you say sorry to him. Anoop says, he suffered a loss of 25 Lakhs rupees. I will pay him the money.

Anandi is in her room. Meenu comes to her and says sorry. Anandi says, I felt weak that’s why took the medicine. I didn’t feel bad of Chote Papa’s words. She tells her that she had a doubt on Amol’s plan but supported them. Meenu says, both of the brothers are stubborn. Anandi assures her that Anoop and Alok will forget their difference and unite soon. Meenu says, you are saying right. She asks her to rest for a while and goes.

Anandi gets Jagya’s call. He tells her that tomorrow is special day. Anandi says, I remembered it and was about to remind you. She asks, what is tomorrow’s plan. How you are going to celebrate Dadisaa’s birthday. Jagya says, he has planned surprises for Dadisaa and asks her to come early morning and wish her. Anandi says, I will talk to Shiv about it. Jagya asks her to inform him.

Gehna is busy in kitchen and preparing sweets with Ganga. Mannu comes and tells them that Dadisaa is coming. They hide the stuff. Dadisaa comes and looks at them. She asks, why they are quiet. Ganga and Gehna say nothing. Mannu tells secret. Ganga says he learnt the word while Nandu was studying. Dadisaa tells Nandu that she needs his help. She sees gems packet. Nandu says, my friend gifted it to me. Dadisaa takes the gems and throws it in her mouth. Everyone is shocked to see her style of eating chocolate. Dadisaa smiles.

Nandu explains to Dadisaa about rotation of earth and day and night. Dadisaa says, I will explain it in class.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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