Balika Vadhu 15th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 15th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anandi telling Jagya that he is not understanding Ganga. She says Ganga loves you very much and have beared so much for you. She wants your free time and support. Jagya looks on. Anandi gets a call. She picks the call and says she will call back. It is Ratan Singh’s mum at the other end. She asks when you will bring Mannu to meet Ratan. She says Ratan wants to see Mannu. Anandi says he can’t come. Ratan Singh’s mum asks her to fear from God and ends the call. Jagya asks Anandi, why you have listened to her. Anandi says she heard a mother’s plea. She asks him to go and spend time with Ganga. Jagya says it means you are not coming. Anandi nods yes. Jagya leaves.

Gopal and Kamli are on the bike and crosses Jhalra village. Gopal tells her that they have crosses the village. Kamli gets happy. He stops his bike and says he will just come back. Kamli looks on. Ganga cries in her room. Jagya comes and says sorry. He says I should not have talked to you like that. I am really sorry. Ganga wipes her tears and says Anandi would not have agreed. Jagya says she didn’t come and won’t be coming back ever. She has decied to stay at Shiv Niketan. We have to respect her decision. Ganga asks but…..Jagya says can we talk something else. He says I didn’t talk to you since years. I didn’t speak to you about love, relation, need etc…….He hugs her. Ganga smiles.

Gopal changes his clothes and says you got Gopal now. Kamli laughs and praises Gopal’s get up in eunuch look. Gopal pretends to get angry and try to leave. Kamli scolds him and asks him not to leave her alone. He promises her to give 7 vows. They leave. Nimboli gives something to Panditji. He says everything is good. Akhiraj says he don’t want to leave anything in her marriage. Harki asks Pandit ji about Kundan’s kundli. She asks him to check if the dosh is cleared or not. Pandit ji checks his kundli. Harki reminds Akhiraj to get Kundan remarried. Pandit ji tells that dosh is cleared long back. Harki asks him to search a good bride for Kundan. Pandit ji says your son is already married. Akhiraj says they don’t address Nimboli as Kundan’s wife and asks him to find a bride for Kundan. Pandit ji says what will happen to Nimboli then. Akhiraj says I will ask another pandit then. Pandit ji agrees to search bride for Kundan. Harki gets excited thinking about Kundan’s remarriage. Akhiraj says we have to find a permanent solution for this Nimboli as everyone will ask questions. Harki thinks she knows how to deal with her.

Gopal and Kamli are pushing the bike as it is punctured. Kamli sees puncture shop and shows it to Gopal. They stop at the shop to get it repaired. Kamli says everything seems to be like a dream. Gopal asks her not to worry. Kamli worries for Nimboli and prays for her life. Gopal asks her not to worry. Kamli worries for Harki also. Gopal asks are you happy with me? Kamli says she is very happy. They smile looking at each other.

Next morning, Nimboli thinks she is missing Kamli and is scared thinking everyone will know about her soon. She thinks Kamli might have reached far from here. She is about to put sindoor in her maang, but just then Harki comes and stops her. She takes sindoor box and also maang tika. Nimboli asks what I will wear then? Disa asks her to wear maang tika and says she will give it. She tells Harki if she doesn’t care about Kundan’s dosh. Kamli says she doesn’t care and they will get Kundan remarried. She says they don’t need Nimboli anymore. Disa smiles without any reason.

Harki sees Kamli missing from room and shouts Kamli. Akhiraj scolds the security or the goons and asks them to find Kamli. Gopal sees Akhiraj’s goons and hides with Kamli.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Stupid ppl can’t they. Go far I mean they could hv drove off far overnight.. but they just need another reason to drag this drama

  2. If kundan marry again the story will be the same as jagya… Like he married gauri…

  3. PlzzzzZz….. Don’t separate kundan and nimboli…. PlzzzzzzZzzzZzzz

  4. Y can’t u update it before 12 clock…??

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