Balika Vadhu 15th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 15th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shiv talking to Anandi on phone. The terrorists is going from there and collides with Shiv. Shiv thinks he saw him somewhere. He tells Anandi that the man seems to be known. Anandi jokes with him. Later the terrorist keep an eye on Shiv.

Ira asks Anandi to rest and brings her to the room. Anandi says she is bored of resting. Ira says you won’t get a chance to rest once the babies come. Anandi looks at her marriage photo and recalls Shiv caring for her. She recalls deciding on kids’ name and Shiv bringing loose clothes for Anandi to wear in pregnancy. She talks to her babies and asks them not to sleep until their Papa comes home.

The marriage functions starts with a traditional dance performance. Rajeev tells Shiv that terrorist is seen in the area. Shiv says he will call more police force. Rajeev sees the terrorist. The terrorist too sees him. Shiv sees him and recalls seeing his photo.

Anandi talks to her unborn babies and says she is decorating the room for them. Rajeev asks the terrorist to surrender himself and asks everyone to sit down. The terrorist runs near the people and holds one girl at gun point. He threatens Rajeev to lower his gun else he will kill the girl. Anandi says you will be shaken Shiv seeing the decorated room. She imagines him coming and asking her. Anandi explains to him that she got two beds for kids and Shiv saying he will sleep like before. Shiv asks him to surrender. The terrorist says he don’t get afraid of death. He asks Rajeev to throw the gun. Shiv nods Rajeev to lower his gun.

Rajeev is about to lowers the gun, but then shot at his hand seeing the Police team arriving there. Everyone looks tensedly. He takes out a bomb and throws it. Shiv and Rajeev jumps to save themselves. The terrorist talks to his men that he couldn’t escape from there. Shiv and Rajeev find him again and asks him to surrender. The terrorist shows him the bomb. Shiv says no one will fire. Shiv tries to reason with him to surrender. The terrorist asks him to let him leave. Rajeev silently leaves from there. Shiv says he will talk to the govt. The terrorist says he didn’t come to beg, but wants to kill the people. Shiv is shocked.

Shiv tries to catch the terrorist. He shoots at Shiv.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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