Balika Vadhu 15th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 15th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Alok asking Amol to ride his cycle. He says he will teach him. Alok teaches him. Amol falls down. Alok says it happens when one is learning. Amol refuses to ride the cycle. Dadisaa tells the servants that Niranjan’s wallet is missing and asks them to return it if they have kept it. Makhan Kaka says no, we have not stolen it. Dadisaa says she will call the Police. Niranjan sees Nandu hearing them secretly and lies to Dadisaa that he just remembered to have kept his wallet in Vasant Niketan. Dadisaa says it is good that you remembered. Niranjan apologizes to the servants. Jagya too sees Nandu hiding and wonders.

Subhadra says I am feeling good as we are having tea together. Anandi comes there. Meenu says I will make tea for you. Ira asks about her day. Anandi says it was good. Sharmila comes and greets Anoop. Anoop tells Subhadra that he hired the workers and offered more salary. Sharmila shows some samples. Anoop asks her to greet Anandi. Sharmila apologizes to Anandi and tells her that they accepted Anoop’s offer being poor. Anandi says she is happy for them. Everyone is disgusted at Anoop’s behavior. Anoop goes inside. Shiv looks at Anandi. Meenu apologizes to Anandi on Anoop’s behalf. Anandi says it was not needed. Daddu says we all know that whatever happened is wrong. We will find a good workers for your NGO. Anandi says she will get new staff, but she won’t be able to trust anyone.

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Saachi comes to the lab to confirm her pregnancy. She gets happy seeing her pregnancy report positive. She thinks to give good news to Vivek and goes to his office. Nandu comes to Niranjan’s outhouse and is about to keep the wallet there. Niranjan sees him and calls his name. He asks did you find my wallet? Nandu says you said that you kept it in school’s locker. Nandu says I came here to told you that I don’t like you. He gets angry at him. Niranjan asks him to accept that he took his wallet and promises to hide his mistake. Nandu tells him that he won’t let him stay with his mum. Niranjan sees Nandu walking off with his wallet.

Shiv apologizes to Anandi. He assures her that they will get the workers soon. Anandi says you are right, I need to be strong for me and my family. Everyone is tensed about me.

Saachi comes to Vivek’s office and sees him leaving. She calls his name and stops him. Vivek tells her that it is good that you met me. He gives her papers saying it is their divorce papers. Saachi gets shocked and shattered.

Vivek asks her to sign it fast so that they can lead a separate life. Saachi gets shocked. Vivek says I always tried to do as you likes. My heart is not big to bear the affair. He asks her to do whatever she wants once she gets divorced. Saachi thinks he is the same man whom I loved so much. I can’t betray him. Today even my tears are not effecting me. Vivek tells Saachi that he will send someone to collect the papers. Saachi says don’t you want to know why I came here. Vivek says it doesn’t matter now. Saachi gets teary eyed. Vivek sits in his car and leaves. Saachi cries. She hears the noise and turns. She sees Vivek’s car meeting with an accident and Vivek getting injured. She shouts Vivek ji.

Alok and Anoop argues. Alok asks Anoop to return Anandi’s staff. Anoop refuses. Shiv asks Anoop to stay in their house. Anoop asks him to call him Papa.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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