Balika Vadhu 15th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 15th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Subhadra doing the Pooja and sings the bhagan. She gives the prasad to everyone. Anandi takes only half laddoo and gives the remaining laddoo to Subhadra. Subhadra gets shocked and goes to spit it. She spits it and washes her mouth. She thinks she might have acted like Anandi if eaten it.

Ganga is in the kitchen. Jagya calls her and asks her to send lunch to the hospital. He says he planned to have dinner with her and kids. Ganga agrees. He gets Gauri’s call. Gauri tells him that she is getting bored at home and says shall we go out in the evening. Jagya refuses saying he has so much work today. Gauri says ok.

Anandi calls Shiv and asks him about the late night shows. Shiv says, of course people would go. She asks him to take her to the theater. She laughs. Shiv senses her behavior odd and asks are you fine. Anandi continues to laugh. He says, ok we will go. He asks what about Amol. Anandi says, we will make him sleep. Shiv says ok. Shiv gets a call from the minister. He asks him to send some files through his assistant. Shiv refuses and tells about the enquiry. Minister gets angry and asks Shiv to send the file. Shiv refuses and asks him to send the order through CM. Minister gets angry at him. Minister thinks to sacrifice CM to save himself. All his men agree with him. He calls someone and asks him to kill the CM on 15th August.

Shiv comes back home and sees Amol sleeping. Shiv asks Anandi to come to see late night movie. Anandi is surprised. She says, she can’t go leaving Amol alone. Shiv is surprised too. He says, you were insisting to go. Anandi says sorry. Shiv says it’s ok. Anandi thinks about her behavior and thinks something is fishy.

Jagya, Ganga, Mannu and Abhi are travelling in the car for the dinner. Ganga asks Jagya to stop the car. She asks him to get kulfi for her. Jagya agrees and goes to get it. Ganga asks Abhi, will he have kulfi. Jagya brings Kulfi for her and sees only a stick. Jagya is surprised and says it might have melted. I will bring another one. Ganga says, we will go home. Mannu gives her Kulfi. Ganga gets happy and says we will take revenge from them. Jagya smiles.

Subhadra gives laddoo to Anandi and asks her to feed her. Then she feeds her laddoo. Subhadra tells Gulli that she has some work with her and shows a necklace. Gulli gets surprised and says she can’t take it. Everyone get happy. Gulli says, she didn’t wear any costly jewellery yet. Subhadra thinks she is right and that’s why I am giving her fake jewellery. She says, it is not precious than you. Gulli accepts it and takes her blessings. Anandi laughs and asks Subhadra about her changed behavior. She asks her the secret behind her goodness. Everyone is shocked. Meenu asks, what are you talking about? Anandi signs her to keep quiet and laughs. Gulli says, she will bring tea. Anandi goes with her. Everyone find her behavior strange. Shiv is shocked too. Anoop asks Shiv about Anandi’s behavior. Shiv thinks something is wrong surely.

Amol comes back from school and says about the practice of Independence day celebrations. Everyone is happy. Amol tells about CM inaugurating the Kala Kendra and their performance. Meenu says, we will cheer you. Shiv says, he will come but have to monitor the whole event. CM sir gave me this responsibility. Amol says, we will call Saachi and Vivek. Anandi says ok.

Jagya asks about Mannu. Ganga says, he went out with Nandu. Jagya sits for breakfast. Nandu and Mannu comes holding the Indian flag. Nandu sings the song. Elders get happy. Nandu reminds Jagya that he have to come to his school as a chief guest. He asks for money. Jagya gives him money. Dadisaa asks him not to eat anything bad.

Commissioner tells Shiv about the Kal Kendra’s areas. Shiv says, we are missing two points. He tells about the security plan. SP also agrees with Shiv. They go towards the venue.

Everyone gather at the kendriya vidyalaya. Jagya gives speech. Nandu looks at him and smiles. Jagya distributes the prizes to the students.

Shekhar family come to the Kal Kendra. CM comes. Shiv and the Police team look on. Someone welcomes him. Shiv meets CM and he praises Shiv. Shiv thanks him and introduces him to his family. CM inaugurates the Kala Kendra. Killer looks at him. CM gives the speech. He calls Minister and tells him that CM would be killed soon. Minister laughs.

SP tells Shiv about the bomb kept in the auditorium. Shiv proceeds towards the auditorium. Amol is seen performing with his friends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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