Balika Vadhu 15th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 15th August 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 15th August 2013 Written Update

Shiv tells everyone, there is a slight problem, we will have to postpone the engagement. Sanchi and everyone is shocked. Daddu asks, what’s the matter? Shiv says, someone is coming to Udhaipur from America on 16th and he has to be present here. Alok says, if you don’t come, then how will it work? Sanchi says in her mind, if it gets postponed, then all my effort to stop Jagya from going with Ganga would go waste. Ira tells Shiv try talking to them one more time. Shiv says, there is no other option beside postponing the engagement. Sanchi starts crying. She says, we all started preparations and you’re telling to postpone the engagement. Daddu calms Sanchi and tells Shiv they will have to find some solution. Shiv says, if it was local diplomat, then I would try to do something, but this

one is coming from America and there is meeting with CM as well. Alok says, if you’re saying, then it must be important. Sanchi gets furious and says, I won’t postpone my engagement and leaves from there.

Sumi comes to Dadisa. She says, what and how we will say to Anandi’s in laws about postponing the engagement. If we postpone the engagement, then it may affect Anandi’s happiness as well. We will have to be very careful when talking to them. We can’t do anything that will affect Anandi’s happiness.. we will have to stop Jagya. Dadisa says, you made mistake in recognizing Ganga, but I know her very well. Jagdish won’t go anywhere on 16th. Sumi leaves.

Jagya is sitting alone outside and is wondering why anyone would question him. He wants to help Ganga and that is because of humanity. He says, there are only questions.. no answers. He then recalls all the recent incidents and goes in the haveli.

He comes to Dadisa with a down face. He tells her, I am not going Mangalore. Dadisa is relieved. She tells him, you don’t know how relieved I am.. your decision gave happiness to everyone. She gives him the blessings. Jagya leaves from there.

At Shiv’s house, Alok says, we could request Jagdish’s family about doing engagement in the afternoon. He asks Shiv, if his work will be done then. Shiv says, it seems doubtful. Sanchi comes back and tells Shiv, you don’t come then.. just attend your guest. She tells everyone, you all also don’t come.. I will go alone. Ira tries to calm her down, but she’s very furious. Shiv then calls someone. After the call he tells everyone, problem is solved. I will attend them in the morning. Someone else will attend them in afternoon and I will return by night. Sanchi is finally happy. Daddu tells about telling this to Jagdish’s family. Ira says, they have confirmed it already.. but I will talk to them again when they call. Alok says, and tell them we will come little late as Shiv has to attend his guest in the morning. Anandi says, her and Sanchi will leave early in the morning. Sanchi is very happy and relieved and says in her mind, thank God we found some solution.

In the morning, Jagdish tells everyone that he is not going to Mangalore to drop Ganga. Sumitra is very happy. She tells him, you took the right step. Bhairo and Basant are surprised. Sumi says, it was good to see that you respected our decision. Basant tries to say something to Jagya, but Dadisa stops him. Sumi then asks Jagya for breakfast, but he leaves without eating. Sumi then tells Dadisa about calling Sanchi’s house. Dadisa calls and tells Ira, 16th is fine for us. Ira is happy and says, so it’s confirmed on 16th, right? Dadisa says, yes. Sanchi is sitting beside Ira and she is very happy. Ira then asks about doing engagement in the afternoon. Dadisa agrees. Ira says, then we will see you on 16th. Ira asks Sanchi, are you happy now? Sanchi says, yes.. she says in her mind, so I succeeded in stopping Jagdish from going to Mangalore.

Jagya is shown with a sad face in hospital, recalling him telling everyone that he is not going to Mangalore.

Basant gives a nighty to Gehna so its easier for her to take care of their daughter, and she laughs. She then takes it and tells Basant, our daughter brought so much happiness in our lives, right?

Anandi is teaching kitchen work to Sanchi.

In hospital, Ganga and Jagya bump into each other. Ganga smiles at him. He also smiles, but then walks away. Ganga watches him. Screen freezes on her face.

Precap: 1. Anandi and Sanchi arrive at the Badi Haveli.
2. Jagya is looking at the teddy bear and says something (i didn’t get that)
3. Ganga leaving the hospital. She meets everyone one last time, and then goes to Jagya’s cabin. She touches his chair and says, give me permission doctor sahab .. I am leaving. Take care of yourself.


Update Credit to: Shreya

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