Balika Vadhu 14th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 14th June 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 14th June 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Udaipur Haveli
Ira is too hurt to talk. shiv asks what happened, and asks ira if everything’s alright. The couple sees shiv, and get on his feet to save sunny’s life, and forgive him, and apologize on his behalf. They ask him to forget

Shiv says that the person who saved sanchi that day, has been through a fatal attack. Therefore their bail has been cancelled. Ira asks who is he talking about. Shiv tells jagiya and his valiant effort. Dadaji says that all children are loved by their parents, and they feel that their child cant be wrong. He says that if they want to improve their son’s life, then they should let him penance instead of draping his mistakes, so that he realises his mistake and can be a better person. Shiv too agrees and says that he cant help them, as the matter is subjudice and its on the court to decide what to do with sunny. He politely asks them to leave. After they are gone, Ira reprimands them for not telling her, such a big thing with sanchi. Alok tries to talk, but ira asks what to understand in this, as the truth is out, and that is they all couldnt protect their daughter. She says that she was angry, but was in this world only when she had gone, and they didnt even bother to tell her about sanchi’s trauma. She asks why it happened. He says that he was going to tell her today only. She asks why not then when it happened, as everyday they used to talk to her on the phone, but never mentioned. She goes on reprimanding this on their hurtful behaviour, and asks them what could have happened to the extreme, that they would have had to salvage her berserk behaviour. She says that its god’s grace and jagdish’s favour that sanchi is fine, but its very sad, that this news she’s getting from not her family, but outsiders and that too from the parents’ of the man, who tried to msibehave with sanchi. Alok tries to speak again, but she says that she wasnt heer as a mother to be with sanchi in her trauma, and she asks them how sanchi must have felt when she needed her mother the most. She says that she understands that if a girl goes through this, how difficult it would be for her to cope with the trauma. She says that she wasnt there for her daughter, and it happened because of them, as they didnt consider her their own. shiv tries to speak but she stops him too, saying that it isnt required now, as its too late now. She leaves, but comes back again to tell shiv, to say that if those boys who did this with sanchi are able to escape outsmarting them, then she would never forgive him. Saying so, she leaves, while shiv is tensed and surprised.

In her room, ira is still in a state of shock. Alok comes in, but ira says that he should try and make her understand, and just asks him to tell why this happened, and explain everything.

Ira calls up anandi. She tells anandi that she hadnt expected this from her as a daughter in law.

She says that it was her responsibility while she was away, to handle the house. When anandi nods, she asks then how could anandi let it happen to sanchi. anandi is surprised and speechless. ira says that she promised that anandi would be a sister to sanchi, but she hasnt been able to see that. ira says that she knows anandi doesnt like her, but she still is a member of this family, and therefore had some responsibilities towards this family oo. Anandi is reprimanded by ira that why didnt she care for what sanchi was going to wear, or even give her advise on the same. Ira asks how could she not think about sanchi like her own. She reprimands anandi for not taking care of her in laws, when she does very good care of her own family in jaitsar. She says that she’s feeling the need to tell that she has a certain duty towards her family in udaipur too.

Sanchi comes and asks who is it. Hearing her voice, Ira asks anandi to give the phone to sanchi. sanchi talks to ira, who tells her that she had gone for a few days, and so much happened. Sanchi says that she missed her badly. Ira says that noone told her, not even her. Sanchi says that she wanted to, but she couldnt even face herself, then what would she have told her. Ira says that she shouldnt have left her, as a mother is irreplaceable. sanchi says that she would have rightaway, but after what jagiya did for her, she should stay here till jagiya is completely fine. Ira says that she got to know about jagiya’s favour on her. Ira asks sanchi to tell jagdish, that she and her family are forever indebted to him, and thank him too. sanchi says that she would and once jagiya comes back to the haveli, she would come to udaipur too. They both say I LOVE YOU to each other, and then sanchi walks out with the phone, cancelling the call.

As meenu gets food for her, Ira says that she isnt in the mood. Meenu apologizes that they were careless in considering that sanchi is independant and free, but after all she’s a child. Ira says that sanchi must be in such a traumatic state, and tells that she talked to sanchi. Meenu asks to let bygones be bygones, and should thank the lord, for saving sanchi, and also jagdish, who did the right thing.

Scene 2:
Location: Jaitsar Hospital
Anandi comes to meet lal singh. He tells that every report is normal, and jagiya is fine. She asks if they can takle him home now. He says that its fine, but he has to be taken proper care of, and the medicines administered properly, if discharged. Anandi says that they can take care of him, and even keep a full time nurse if required. Lal says that they already have one at home, ganga, who would soon join the hospital as it is, under jagiya and that she’s very trustworthy to be placed in jagiya’s care. The screen freezes on anandi’s surprised face.

Underlying message: Respect is another aspect of love only. Towards any other person, such feeling of respect to convert into love isnt abnormal. but often the concerned person isnt able to identify this transition.

Precap: Lal Singh tells Anandi about the psychotic breakdown that ganga had when jagiya’s condition was critical. While walking out of the hospital, Anandi remembers sanchi’s concern too for jagiya, and thinks that maybe both sanchi and ganga have started liking each other. she wonders what would be the result of this love triangle. Anandi and bhairo get jagdish home, but sanchi, surprisingly dressed in indian attire, tells him to stop, and not come inside. she does the proper puja and tilak

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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