Balika Vadhu 13th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 13th July 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 13th July 2013 Written Update

Sanchi thanks her friend for guiding her how to behave with Jagya’s family members. Her friend then asks what she wore in the function. Sanchi says, that horrible traditional dress.. what else. Anandi is passing from there and hears it. She stops and hears rest of the conversation. Her friend asks, what if they make you wear that traditional dress after your wedding. Sanchi says, no way.. I had already impressed everyone in that house and if they don’t listen, then I will tell Jagya and make him explain his family. Her friend then asks if she is coming to see adult movie. Sanchi says, why not.. I don’t have ask for everything to my parents. I have grown up and I am getting married so I can watch adult movie. Her friend asks, after marriage you will have to take permission to go out, right?

Sanchi says, no way.. no one can dictate my life. I live it my way. Anandi leaves.

Anandi is very worried for both families, Sanchi, and Jagya as well. She doesn’t know what to do.

Jagya finishes with yoga and receives a call from Sanchi. Jagya asks, how are you feeling? Sanchi says, good after hearing your voice. She then starts her sweet talks with him and Jagya is getting late for work. Sanchi says, you promised me we will talk at least twice in a day. I called you evening, I will wait for you call. She hangs up and says, I am sure we will have a happy loving life. We won’t give any chance of complaining about each other.

Anandi is tensed and takes out two pairs of clothes for Shiv. Shiv notices she is tensed and asks what’s the matter. Anandi says, I think this rishta is not good for any family. Shiv says, have you heard of opposite attraction? maybe it’s like that in Sanchi-Jagya case. Anandi says, they both will stay happy in beginning, but they will have issues later on. Both see life in a different way so they surely will have differences later on which will affect to the relationship of both families and we may have to regret in future. Shiv says they can try to tell this to other family members. Anandi says, when Sanchi won’t be at home.. I will try to talk. Anandi now says, won’t everyone feel I took too much time in telling this? Shagun is done and which means marriage is almost confirmed. Shiv says, to make sure Jagya and Sanchi stay happy in future, we can take a few steps back.

Sanchi is going to watch movie, but Daddu is angry for some reason. He says, you won’t go out of this house anymore. Sanchi asks, why are you saying like this? Daddu says, you’re getting married so I thought you will understand all by yourself. Stay home and learn house work.. I don’t want you to go Jaitsar without knowing anything and give them chance of complaining. If you don’t listen to me, then I will have to think again for this rishta. Sanchi starts crying and says, please don’t ever say that again. Nothing matters more than Jagya. I will learn all kitchen work for him, but please don’t think about breaking our rishta. For you all, this rishta is just confirmed, but I have already started living it. And if I don’t get married to him, then you will lose your Sanchi forever.. and I mean it.

Daddu hugs Sanchi. He says, what happened to you? Why are you crying? I was just kidding. I thought to tease you and then get a kiss and then let you go. I had no clue this would happen. I wanted to make you smile, but ended up making you cry. I am sorry. Sanchi says, why are you saying sorry? It’s me who is stupid. I will surely miss your jokes after leaving this house.. you’re such a sweetheart.. you will get two kisses, not one. She kisses him on cheek and asks, can I go now? Daddu gives the permission. Sanchi leaves.

Everyone is stunned seeing Sanchi like this. Daddu is afraid what Sanchi may do if anything goes wrong in this rishta. Everyone is tensed. Shiv and Anandi come there and ask if Sanchi left the house. Ira says, she just left the house, why? Shiv says, Anandi wanted to talk to you all in Sanchi’s absence. Anandi says, its about Jagya and Sanchi’s rishta. I may have born somewhere else.. but I became daughter of Badi Haveli. I understand everyone very well there and I think Jagya and Sanchi may not be able to stay happy in future.. that is why we should end this rishta here. Ira gets up and asks, do you even know what are you saying? And that too now? What had happened to you when we were taking a decision about this. Meenu supports Ira. Screen freezes on Anandi’s face.

Voiceover: Sometimes you get emotional and make crucial decision; which you can change on time to save crisis.

Precap: Anandi tells everyone, only reason for saying all these this late is Sanchi’s happiness. Shiv says, I don’t know what Sanchi said to you all, but if any of us thinks that Sanchi won’t stay happy with this rishta, then we should think about it once more. Sanchi is still at the door and hears everything. She blames Anandi and says, just wait and watch Anandi bhabhi.

Update Credit to: Shreya

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