Balika Vadhu 12th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 12th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shiv scolding Subhadra for mixing drugs in Anandi’s prasad. He says, he won’t agree to her sayings. Subhadra starts acting and tells him that initially she didn’t like Anandi but then started liking her. She says, she wished to see their child. Shiv asks, why did you concerned about us. Subhadra says, she met Dayanand vaid who gave her Kolarist Basam to get Anandi pregnant. Shiv scolds her. Subhadra says, she did it for her betterment, to make her mum. Subhadra cries.

Anandi says, you should have told me. Wny you gave me the basam secretly. Subhadra says, she was scared. I thought you will refuse to take the basam. Shiv says, we will decide when to start a family. Who are you to interfere in our personal life? Anandi stops him. Anandi tells her that they have decided not to have children until Amol stands on his feet. Amol needs our love and care. You know this. Subhadra says I know this. I was blinded to see my brother happy.

Shiv says, it is done now. Daddu will decide what to do now. Anandi stops him and tells Subhadra that whatever she has done is against the humanity, their respect and dignity. She says, I can’t forgive you. You risked my life and I kept my family in danger because of the dizziness. If anything have happen to Daddu because of me then I would have died. She tells Shiv not to tell anyone about Subhadra’s doings as it may hurt everyone. She asks him to hide it from all. She convinces him by binding him with a promise. Subhadra looks on cleverly.

Shiv stares Subhadra and agrees for Anandi, Daddu and his family sake. He puts a condition infront of Subhadra. He asks her to take him to Dayanand Vaid. Subhadra agrees and thanks them. Anandi says, not needed. We are doing this for our family and Daddu. Shiv asks her to give that Kolarist basam. She gives it to him. Shiv says it is proof against the fake vaid. Subhadra says, she will come in 1 min and asks them to go. She wipes her tears. Anandi and Shiv go outside. Subhadra thinks Shiv is taking her directly to Dayanand. What will happen if he tells the truth to Shiv. Shiv will not spare me. What to do.

Nandu and Mannu wait for Dadisaa. Gehna says, Dadisaa will come after getting ready. Jagya asks him to sit for a while. He asks Nandu not to laugh on her. Gehna says, she is taking too much time in getting ready. Ganga comes and says her door is still closed. Jagya asks her to call Dadisaa. Dadisaa says, she is coming and opens the door. Everyone see her in uniform and bag. Jagya, Ganga, Gehna, Mannu and Nandu smile seeing her. Gehna gives her tiffin which she keeps in her bag. Nandu smiles.

Jagya says, he will drop her to school. Dadisaa asks, how she is looking. Ganga says, you are looking good. Gehna confirms the same. Nandu laughs on her. Dadisaa gets angry. Gehna makes her eat curd and sugar for the new beginning. Dadisaa gets tensed as the new student. Jagya brings her to school in his car. Dadisaa looks at the school and smiles. Nandu says, he have to go as his class have started. Jagya asks Dadisaa to come.

Dadisaa proceeds towards the school and gets scared. She tells Jagya that she will study at home. Jagya asks her to stay at school for one day and see. Dadisaa says, she will see tomorrow. Jagya says, tomorrow never comes. Why you are delaying this for tomorrow. He asks her to come and holds her. She starts walking and stands outside the classroom. Jagya tells her that teacher is taking attendance. He asks her to go inside. Dadisaa hesitates and gets scared. She looks at a kid and says he is very maughty.

asks her to complain to teacher if any such things happen. He asks her not to worry. She hugs him. Jagya asks her to go. Dadisaa enters the classroom. Everyone get up. Teacher greets her and so are the kids. Teacher asks her to sit on the bench. Some kids laugh at her. Teacher asks them to sit. She asks them to open their books. Dadisaa opens her book and wears glasses. Kids look on.

Teacher writes on the board. Some girl eats gems and offers it to Dadisaa. Dadisaa signs no. Teacher looks at them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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