Balika Vadhu 12th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 12th September 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 12th September 2013 Written Update

Ganga has made kheer puri as she got the job. Kaka says she should had let him work. Ganga says it’s a good news that is why I thought to make something good for you two. She can’t believe and it still seems like a dream to her that Ganga who didn’t know anything yesterday .. got the job today. She gives all the credits to Jagya. Kaka says, that is why I told you to think once more. He did so much for you. He must be wanting you to work in his hospital. Ganga remembers her conversation with Jagya and says, until how long I will be a trouble for him. Kaka says, it’s not about that.. there everything is so familiar, and here everything is new. Ganga says, doctor sahab has taught me that you need to move on in your life.. Nothing remains same with the time. And looking at today’s

situation, I must start a new beginning.. that is why I decided to stay here.. but if you want to go back to your village, then I won’t stop you. Kaka says, no.. you think about your and Mannu’s future.. I will take care of Mannu. Ganga thanks him and says she will get a support if he stays with her. She is feeding Mannu. Mannu pushes her hand to make her eat. Ganga eats. Mannu smiles.
Shiv is leaving for the work. Anandi is trying to stop him for the breakfast, but Shiv is getting late. He’s leaving but then sees Anandi’s pallu back on. He stops and puts the pallu down, and says, that’s better. Both have an eyelock. They come down. Now Ira stops him for the breakfast. Anandi says, he doesn’t want to eat anything, I said him so many times. Ira is trying to stop him, but Meenu says if he is getting late and wants to take it with him, then let him. Ira says, he is my son.. I know him very well.. he won’t eat anything that way. Shiv promises that he will eat and asks her to pack at least. Ira is still trying to stop him, but Meenu tells Ira to leave it.. Meenu packs and gives him the breakfast. After Shiv leaves, Ira is not happy and asks Meenu why she had to pack his breakfast.. She says, if I had forced him more, he would eat it. Meenu says you know how punctual he is. Ira says, what would happen if he is late 1 day. He’s collector in end. Anandi notices everything. Her phone rings. It’s Shiv. After the call, Anandi tells Ira that Shiv had his breakfast. Mennu is happy while Ira feels bad and leaves from there.

Bal is desperately waiting for Ganga. He wonders why she didn’t come, and right then he sees her in nurse clothes. He has his mouth open and cannot stop glaring at her. He tells her, you’re looking good.. in this uniform.. fitting is perfect. Ganga asks, where will I have to go to join? He takes her to some staff and she asks something in Kannada. Ganga remembers the words that Jagya taught her and tells the staff that she doesn’t know Kannada in Kannada. Bal is impressed. The staff then asks her in Hindi from which village she came. Ganga says, Jaitsar. Ganga gets job of handling children wardroom. The staff asks if she will do it. Bal keeps interfering and says, she is a mother.. has been doing it.. will do it. the staff tells him something in Kannada. Bal then tells Ganga to let him know if she needs anything and leaves from there. He again puts his hand on her shoulder and leaves. Ganga gets her ID card and she is very happy. She is taken to the children wardroom now. Bal was hiding there and has a smile on his face.

Dr. Ravi calls Jagya and asks why he let Ganga join Bal’s hospital. Jagya says, I didn’t help her.. she got that job from her on campus interviews. Ravi says no.. she gave interview yesterday.. Jagya remembers his conversation with Ganga and asks if he is sure. Ravi says, yes.. she showed me her appointment letter too. Jagya is in a shock and says he will talk to Ganga. After the call, Jagya says to himself, Ganga lied to me about campus interview.. but why she would lie to me? She must have felt bad because I talked for job in Jaipur instead of Jaitsar.. that is why maybe she doesn’t want to take my help.. else she can’t even think about living in Mangalore.

The priest is at Sanchi’s house to find a good marriage date for her. Sanchi is not there. The priest says, 27th of this month is the day for marriage. Daddu says thats too early and asks him to find a date thats after 2-3 months. The priest says, the next date is after 6 months. Daddu is not sure how all preparations will be done in less than a month. Ira says, 6 months is a lot of time. She tells the priest, if there is no other date, then we will have to go ahead with 27th of this month. She tells him they will let him know later. The priest leaves. Ira tells Daddu that they should finalize 27th as 6 months time is a lot. She says, once we finalize the date, and start preparations.. all preparations will be done. Meenu also feels it will be hard to do all preparations. Alok agrees with Meenu. But Ira still says if they all together start preparations from now, then it will be done. Daddu says, as you all wish then. Ira says, okay.. 27th is final then. Everyone is happy with the date now. Sanchi is hiding at a distance and thanks the priest and says everything is going the way she wants.

Ira informs Sumi about the date. Sumi first says, how all preparations will be done in short time, but then says in her mind, it’s better if Jagya settles down fast. She then tells Ira, if there is no other date until next 6 months, then what can we do. Ira asks if 27th is final then from their side. Sumi says she will talk to others and let her know. Sumi tells Dadisa about this. Dadisa is not sure about that early day either. She says we need to check other things too. Sumi tries to convince her by saying, most of the work is done by bride’s side.. and when they don’t have any problem, why should we have any problem. And if we say no, then they would feel bad too. Dadisa says she will talk to Bhairo and Basant when they come.. and if they are to select 27th of this month, then they will have to start preparations from now. Especially printing wedding cards.. as distributing them is the hardest task when there’s a marriage. Sumi is happy. Screen freezes on Dadisa’s face.

Voiceover: When a person, who has seen many ups and downs in his/her life, sees happy moments, he/she becomes very happy.

Precap: Same as yesterday but a bit different version. Sanchi says after marriage her first task will be to convince Jagdish about shifting to Mumbai or USA. Jagdish and Anandi are shocked to hear this. Jagdish asks Anandi, after hearing all this from Sanchi, what shall he do?

Update Credit to:Shreya

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