Balika Vadhu 12th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 12th March 2013 Written Episode, Balika Vadhu 12th March 2013 Written Update

When Anandi enters her room she finds Shiv asleep. She tries to make little noises to check if he is awake, but he is fast asleep. Slightly disappointed, she too goes off to sleep. Shiv wakes up after an hour and feels sorry for pretending to be asleep in front of Anandi. He has something on his mind bothering him, which he needs to tell Anandi but is afraid, that it might shatter A’s dreams. He gets up and sits in the hall getting some flash backs of the dinner. That’s when a female puts her hand on his shoulders.

At haveli,
Ganga is emotionally talking to her child. J sees this and thinks to himself that once again Anandi gave life to someone.

Next morning at breakfast table Shekhars are having some light moments when Shiv’s cell phone rings and he excuses himself. He is slightly tensed.

Daddu, Mahi and Alok come enter with band (dhol) and congratulates everyone. All are so happy to see this pleasant surprise. Saanchi asks what’s the reason behind the celebration. Shekhar Men are surprised at this question but then think that the women are pretending. The women declare that they know nothing. Shiv enters and Daddu congratulates him. He too is surprsied, but Daddu says he knows it all. He knows that Shiv has been successfully transferred to Udaipur.

All are happy but Anandi is shocked, Shiv is worried and Ira looked slightly annoyed. Ira tells Alok he should not have blurted the news this way as shiv was yet to speak to Anandi on this. Alok does not get her point and takes it lightly. Anandi feels bad that she was the only one who didn’t know but then covers it up with a smile in front of everyone.

All Shekhars are very happy and excited about AnSh returning to Udaipur and head towards the breakfast table. In a private moment A shows her sadness to Shiv through tears and goes off from there.

Ganga is feeling guilty that she woke up late and was apologizing to Sumitra in the Kitchen. Sumi says its alright and offers halwa for mannu. Ganga feels thankful.

At CH:
Shiv goes to see Anandi feeling guilty. Anandi questions why did he lie to her that he trusts her a lot? She felt she is not trustworthy enough that Shiv could share this matter with her.

Shiv says well it’s not about trust, but he was in a dilemma as how to put this matter forward as he knew this might shatter her dreams related to Jaitser.

Anandi says its unfortunate that Shiv didn’t have faith, that she would understand his situation. She leaves him feeling more guilty and walks off. Episode ends.

Voice Over: It is necessary for husband and wife to keep transparency with each other in order to maintain a healthy relationship, otherwise it could create rift between the two, even when the reason behind hiding the fact is done with a good intention.

Pre-cap: All Shekhars are sitting together and Saanchi boldly asks Shiv, is it that Anandi does not want to go to Jaitser?
Daddu also tells A, that in their excitement they forgot if A really wants to go Udaipur or not? A is surprised at the question.

Update Credit to: Missesha

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