Balika Vadhu 11th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 11th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shivam coming to Dadisaa and asks her to tell him story. Dadisaa says I told you complete story. Shivam says I slept after hearing half story. Dadisaa tells him the story. Abhi comes. Dadisaa asks Abhi to tell remaining story to Shivam only. Dadisaa promises to tell complete story in the night. She tells the remaining story to Shivam. Abhi is jealous. She says we shall not trust any stranger. Shivam hugs Dadisaa. Abhi calls Mannu. Mannu comes down. Anandi gives tiffins to them. Abhi syas he didn’t hear the story. They touch Dadisaa’s feet and leave. Dadisaa tells Anandi that Abhi didn’t hear the story. Anandi asks her to come to Shiv Niketan.

Akhira Singh’s wife asks her daughter to learn cooking and says it will help in inlaws home. She asks her to make the chapatis. Her daughter thinks to meet her boyfriend and asks her do you want anything. She says no. She makes an excuse and says she will come back till Bapusaa comes. Akhira Singh’s wife refuses at first, but agrees later. She asks her to come back straight from temple. Her daughter leaves. Jagya and Ganga come back home. Jagya recalls his happy moments with Ganga while the song Kitni Baatein plays………..He comes and opens the car’s door. Ganga gets down. They come inside the house. Jagya is about to say, just then Ganga goes to Abhi. Jagya asks Abhi to tell what happened in school. Abhi says same as usual. Jagya says something new must have happen. Abhi says nothing and throws the ball. It falls on the tray which Ganga has brought. Abhi and Jagya are shocked. Jagya scolds Abhi and reminds him that he shall not play inside the house. Mannu comes to his rescue. Jagya asks him to play outside. Mannu says he will talk to Abhi. He asks Abhi to apologize to Jagya. Abhi apologizes. Ganga looks on. Abhi goes angrily. Mannu goes behind him.

Nimboli carries Kundan’s bags and walks with him. They come to school. Kundan plays with his friends. Nimboli thinks he is still in the same class since 3 years. His friend says your servant is staring you. Other friend says she is his wife. They say he is enjoying. Kundan says his parents tied him to her, but he will soon throw her in garbage. Nimboli gets angry and asks have you seen your face? You are like rotten papaya. You thinks to throw me in garbage. Kundan gets angry. One of his friend asks what did you say? You are rotten Papaya. Nimboli laughs and says don’t you have brain. Kundan asks her to keep quiet. She asks him to tell his friend to stay quiet. He says he won’t. Nimboli says I will reach you a lesson. They push her on the ground and laughs. Nimboli stares at them angrily. Kunda’s friend raises his hand on Nimboli. She turns away. School bell rings. Kundan takes his bag and goes inside. Nimboli throws stone petals on them. They ask who is it? Nimboli hides and smiles. She thinks whoever talks badly with me, this will happen with them.

Mannu tells Abhi that he is there. Abhi says I would have been saved from his anger if you would have come before. Mannu says Bapusaa is right. You should not play inside. Abhi says I feel good when you takes my side, else everyone takes Shivam’s side. Mannu thinks what to do to explain him.
Anandi supervises the chefs at the Shiv Niketan. Dadisaa sits down to add tadka to dal. Just then Pooja comes calling for Anandi and tells that Bindiya tried to commit suicide in a hotel. Anandi is shocked.

Kundan wishes for a girl friend. His friend says you have wife at home. Kundan says she is illiterate. His friend reminds him that he is her husband and has full right on her whereever he wants. Kundan reminiscences Nimboli.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Please, don’t show such bad behavior with a small girl. This is incorrect. And the promo is even worse.this serial used to show good morals, what happened?

  2. Actually y they started showing d same thing agin…is it a kind of somthing which comes again like mother like daughter….if thy hv got norhng new to showcase y cant they just stop this serial in a good note…..that wil b apreciated…..

  3. It seems as if u have taken shiv to show his daughter as balikavadu

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