Balika Vadhu 11th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 11th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shiv telling Anoop that he knows that he is her son, but these things are nothing to do with his truth. Anoop says everything is inter connected but you are unable to see as you are calling Papa to someone else. I was away for 25 years. I wants to proof everyone that I am not worthless. I have to do something to prove myself. It would be good if my son helps me. I am just hopeful but my son won’t do anything. Shiv cries infront of Anandi. He says Anoop thinks nobody cares for him. He is wrong as everyone loves him. He wants me to support him in his wrong doings. I can’t compromise on my values and rules. Anandi consoles him. Parents of the students of Vasant Niketan come to school and start protesting.

MP Shrivastav sprays perfume on himself and talks about revenge. Sona gets tensed seeing the villagers protest. Principal asks them about the problem. Niranjan asks them to keep quiet and tell about the problem. A parent says our child is in wrong hands. Sona tries to leave the school silently, but gets caught. They call Sona, a pr*stitute. Principal says Dr. Jagdish brought her here. Parents asks Principal to ask Sona and says we are not lying. Niranjan calls someone. Parents protest against Sona and asks the Principal to throw Sona out of school. Sona cries hiding her face and runs inside. A man asks Principal to kick her out and gives a day time. He threatens him of media.

MP Shrivastav talks to media about Villagers protesting against Sona and asks about Dr. Jagdish supporting her. He asks the media to think why Jagya is supporting a pr*stitute. He says school is his and nobody will dare to question him. Parents and school staff are shocked to know the reality of Sona. I came to know that MLA Jagdish Singh used to meet her occasionally. He points a finger at Jagya for having an affair with Sona. Reporter says what do you think Jagya should resign? Shrivastav thinks Jagya’s respect is ruined. Jagya tells Ganga that he saw 3-4 misscalls of Niranjan. Ganga tells him that he called on landline and said that he is coming home. Niranjan comes and tells about villagers protesting outside school.

Principal tells them that parents told that Sona is a pr*stitute and asks us to kick her out of school. He says our school’s name is ruined within half an hour. Dadisaa gets shocked and questions Jagya about Sona’s character. Ganga tells her that she knows about Sona. Dadisaa asks why didn’t you tell us. It means Jagya knows about it. Why did you help her? Jagya says Sona told him everything about her. He tells them everything that Sona’s husband pushed her into prostitution. Jagya asks what shall I do then. He says Sona wants to change her life and gives a better life to her son. She is not doing anything wrong now. Dadisaa apologizes to him and says you showed us humanity. Jagya promises to Principal that he will do everything.

Jagya comes to Sona and says it is not right to leave. He asks her to give answer to society. He says I will support you. Ganga comes and gets shocked seeing her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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