Balika Vadhu 10th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Balika Vadhu 10th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Subhadra thinking she didn’t ask Anandi about the test results. No one told her anything about the test results. She thinks she can give prasad to Anandi again and thanks the Lord. She comes to Anandi’s room with laddoo in her hand and calls Anandi. Anandi comes out from bathroom and asks what? Subhadra says, she brought prasad for her and keeps it on the table. Anandi says, she will eat it. Anandi goes to bathroom again.

Jagya tells Dadisaa that you have to get admitted in Nandu’s school to complete her 10th class. Dadisaa says, she will learn in house. Jagya says, we don’t know today’s syllabus that’s why you are needed to go to school. We will help you with home work. I even talked to Nandu’s principal. He called us for an interview. Dadisaa is surprised. Jagya says, you have to come for an interview. Dadisaa gets tensed.

Anandi comes out of the bathroom and wipes her face. She thinks Badi Buaji never forgets to give her prasad. She even gave this prasad when I went to Jaitsar. She is about to eat it and thinks of Doctor’s words that she has to keep an eye on the food items she takes. Anandi thinks she eats this prasad daily inaddition to home made food. She doubts on Subhadra and gets shocked. She thinks she might be wrong. She thinks to get the prasad tested in lab.

Nandu tells Mannu to hide while they were playing. Nandu starts counting. Mannu hides. Dadisaa and Gehna smiles. Nandu sees Mannu and asks him to search him. Mannu plays the game then and searches for Nandu. Nandu hides. Mannu sees the harmonica and says we will play. Gehna and Dadisaa goes to the storeroom. Nandu and Mannu play it. Gehna is shocked. Nandu tells her that they were playing it. Ganga comes there. Dadisaa says, this harmonium is of your mother’s. Nandu gets happy. Gehna is silent. Ganga asks her. Nandu asks her to sing one song. Ganga insists. Gehna calls Makhan Kaka and asks him to give it in Anandi’s school. Nandu gets sad. Dadisaa asks Makhan Kaka to let it be here. Dadisaa tells them that she is responsible for Gehna’s bitterness for harmonium.

Shiv gets the lab report of the prasad and gets shocked.

Jagya and Dadisaa come to the school for her admission. Dadisaa is happy to see the school. They meet the principal. He asks them to sit. He says, he was surprised and felt Jagya was joking. Dadisaa says, she wished to pass class 10th exam. Principal says, there is no age limit to study. You will become an educated person after passing the exam. Jagya says, you have to come in school uniform with bag.

Dadisaa asks about tiffin box. Principal asks her to treat herself as a student. He asks him to see the school to take a decision. He shows the class to Dadisaa. Principal tells teacher that they have come to take admission in class. Teacher asks about the student. Principal tells her that Dadisaa is a student. Kids laugh at her. Principal appreciates her for her effort. Teacher assures for full support.

Dadisaa looks at naughty kids and imagines herself. Teacher says, we will wait for you. Dadisaa thinks these kids are of her grand children’s age. Jagya goes out. Principal asks her to come in her normal dress. Dadisaa refuses and says she will wear the uniform. She says, she will come to school tomorrow. Principal says ok.

Daddu is seen cutting Papaya. Anandi asks him why is he cutting the papaya. He says, he is cutting it for Subhadra as her stomach is upset. Anandi offers to cut it. Daddu says, he will do it. Anandi insists so he gives the plate. Anandi thinks Daddu loves Subhadra very much. What will happen if it is proved that she is giving me drugs. How can he tolerate that.

Shiv comes home and says badi buaji is giving you drugs. Shiv says, I am getting so much anger today. Anandi stops him and says we have to catch her red handed. Shiv asks how?

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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