Balika Vadhu 10th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 10th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Anandi and Shiv hugging each other. All the family members get happy. Buaji remarks on their hug in open. Daddu says it was Amol’s plan to unite you both. Anandi and Shiv hug Amol happily. Villagers gossip about Sooraj death and Dadisaa killing him. Some people take Dadisaa’s side and some take Het Singh’s side. Gehna and Sumitra come to meet Dadisaa and ask her to eat. Dadisaa refuses to eat anything. Sumitra tries to convince her. They feel bad to see her in the police station. Dadisaa says I know you didn’t have eaten anything and feeds her bahus.

Daddu is having a good time with his family. Buaji says, her legs are paining. Ira says, I will massage your legs. Buaji asks her to massage her with Sarson ka oil. Alok says, we shall take time for picnic in a month. Amol says, we shall go to picnic to Jaitsar. My badi nani resides there and asks Anandi to call Dadisaa.

Anandi calls and Sumitra picks the call. Anandi asks her to give the call to Dadisaa. Sumitra gets tensed. Anandi asks her, where is she? Sumitra tells her that Dadisaa is in police station for killing Het Singh’s son. Anandi gets shocked. She asks, how did it happen? Sumitra tells her everything. She says, Bhairov and Basant went to meet lawyer. Anandi says, I will come there now. Sumitra says, come. Shiv says, I will come with you. Daddu asks, what happened? Buaji says, Jaisar again. They leave.

Anandi and Shiv are in the car and are heading towards Jaitsar. Anandi tells him everything. They reach the police station. Anandi feels bad. Dadisaa wash her hands and hides it. Anandi asks, what had happened? I can’t believe my eyes. Dadisaa says, we have to believe somehow. She says, I am here to bear the punishment. Anandi asks Shiv to take her home. Inspector says, she can’t get bail. Her verdict will be decided by the court. Anandi cries. Dadisaa asks her not to cry. She tells Shiv to let Anandi stay in Jaitsar for sometime. Shiv nods. She says, we need some strength.

Jagya and Ganga are attending Gulli. Her parents asks Jagya to save her. Jagya says, we are trying our best, but it is difficult to say when she will be out of coma. Her mom cries. Ganga sympathises with them and says we will do whatever we can to make her well. Anandi comes to haveli and hugs Sumitra. She cries with her. Sumitra says, don’t know why it happened. Anandi says, Dadisaa didn’t do anything wrong. Sumitra says, we have faith on Lord.

Anandi and Shiv come to the hospital to see Gulli. She feels pained to see Gulli’s condition and recalls Dadisaa’s words that may be Gulli will gain conscious seeing Anandi. Anandi asks Gulli to talk to her and asks her to wake up. Anandi tells her parents that Gulli will be fine soon as Jagya is treating her. She says, I know she wants to gets well. She gives them strength. Shiv asks them to tell if they need anything. Anandi asks Shiv to go. She says, I have to take care of everyone here. You have to be with Amol as I am away. Shiv asks her not to worry. Jagya comes. Shiv tells Jagya that Anandi will be here and asks him to call him if needed. Jagya nods. Shiv leaves. Anandi looks sad.

Amol sees the news on TV about Dadisaa killing Sooraj. Buaji taunts Amol saying your Badi Nani is appearing on TV. Villagers protest outside the police station to free Dadisaa. Dadisaa comes out of the police station and folds her hands thanking them.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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