Balika Vadhu 10th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 10th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Shiv telling his family that he didn’t have the guts to stand infront of Narendra’s parents. Anandi tells everyone that Rasika blamed Shiv for Narendra’s death. Daddu asks, did she say this? He asks Shiv not to feel guilty. He asks, did she has any proof against you. Alok says, Shiv will be heard. People know you. Anoop says, even chief minister knows that you are truthful. Subhadra tells that she had a doubt on Rasika when she entered their house. She says, she will ruin all of us. Daddu asks her to mind her tongue. Subhadra says, I am saying the right thing.

Anandi looks at the girl Aarti being brought to hospital by her mother. Her mother asks Ganga to save Aarti. Ganga assures to treat her. She asks the ward boy to call Dr. Lal Singh. Shiv recalls Narendra’s death and Rasika’s accusation. He recalls Narendra’s parents wrath and pain. He feels guilty and recalls the incident. Anandi comes to him. She asks him not to think about Buaji’s words. Shiv says, she is right. He says, don’t know what will happen next. He gets tears in his eyes. He rests on Anandi’s lap. Anandi says, nothing bad can happen to you. You have to face the situation and believe in your truth to get justice.

Lal Singh checks Aarti. He tells that she has low BP. He asks, does it happen to her before. Her mom says no. She shows him some medicines made in Jaitsar Ayurved. Ganga says, this is Shamal bhai’s company. She sniff the medicines. Lal singh says, we will send the medicines for testing in Lab.

Dadisaa gets a call from Anandi. She says, I am fine. Anandi says, you says that we shall not hide anything with each other. She tells her that Shiv is in trouble and tells everything. Dadisaa is shocked. She says, I thought to inform you. Dadisaa asks her not to worry. She says, Devimaa knows Shiv is a good man. No one believe Rasika. She says, Shiv can’t do this. No one will believe this. She asks her to give strength to Shiv and family.

Narendra’s family mourn over his death. His parents cry. Rasika sheds some fake tears. Rasika stops the funeral and says I won’t allow it until Shiv accepts his crime. Narendra’s parents agrees. His father gets angry at Shiv. Brijesh looks on signing Rasika. Narendra’s father says, Shiv have to apologize to us. He says, Narendra is our only son. He came to Udaipur for work. He died because of Shiv. He cries. Media shows the news on TV.

Ward boy gives the report to Lal singh. He gets shocked to read that the medicines contains opium. They are shocked. Lal Singh says, it is used for illegal means. Aarti’s mom pleads Lal singh to save Aarti. Lal Singh tells her that she will be alright soon. He wonders why they mixed opium in the medicines. Ganga thinks, what does he wants.

Shiv’s family sees the news and get tensed. Shiv and Anandi comes downstairs and watch the news. He feels guilty. Anandi asks Shiv, not to go to office. Alok stops him. Shiv asks him not to stop him. He says, I will get tensed if I watch the TV. I have to face the people. I am guilty until I proved myself innocent. Anandi says, you can work at home. Daddu says, this is testing time for Shiv. He asks him to go. Shiv leaves. Meenu misses Ira. She says, Ira is needed here. She would have taken care of Shiv very well. Anoop says, yes you are right. Alok says, we shall tell Ira. Daddu says no. She will be worried in foreign. Anandi looks on tensed.

People gather outside Shiv’s family with Narendra’s dead body and asks Shiv to apologize. Police comes and asks them to leave. They protest asking Shiv to resign.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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