Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 9th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 9th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mohit with Kiara returns to Kanthi’s house after finding Kanthi’s niece Dabbu. Kanthi’s friend says tempo is repaired. Mohit says he will leave now. Kanthi insists them to have food and go and asks Dabbu to serve food. She brings food making mimicry of thali. Aunt scolds her to stop her pagalpanti. Mohit finishes food and says it was tasty. Bindu silently hides in tempo. Kiara gives chocolate to Dabbu. Dabbu tries to unwrap choc. Mohit helps her. She mimics wrapper and asks to be gentle. Mohit says she is too good. Kanthi asks him to leave, Dabbu’s drama continue. Mohit and Kiara get into tempo. Kiara says Dabbu is trying to hide her loneliness in mimicry. Mohit drops Kiara outside airport and leaves.

Bakula ben calls Kiara and says she prepared tasty food, but created a rift between family. Kiara asks what. Bakula says Rekha is running behind scolding why did she permit Kiara and Mohit’s marriage. She says she will get any boy, but family needs Mohit and after her, Mohit is hope of the family. She then calls Mohit and tells she called Kiara and asked if she reached safely. She then asks him to forget Kiara. Mohit asks if she can forget Kanhaji and says when she cannot forget her imagination Kanhaji, how can he forget his reality Kiara. He hears someone in tempo and tells Bakula he thinks a thief is in tempo. His mobile battery drains and he disconnects.

After driving a bit, Mohit hear sound again and sees Bindu inside. He asks what is she doing inside tempo. She lies. He says he has to reach 350 km more to reach home and will reach till night and says he will drop her home. Bindu thinks she took Kanthi’s help and mixed hypnotic in Mohit’s food, why he is still awake. While driving, Mohit gets hypnotic slowly. She asks him to have sweets. He asks how did she come with him. She says she is Kiara and he called her. He believes her and stops tempo. She sets camp fire and continues luring him and asks to remove his shirt and hug her. He does same. They sleep in tempo. In the morning, Dabbu sees them and thinking Mohit will get cold closes tempo shutter.

Drama continues at Bakula’s house. Bindu’s father Jam with stepmom Malati reaches Raja Sadan and asks where is Bindu. Bakula asks if Bindu is a thing she will be here. Drama starts again. Malati’s brainless jokes start. Jam says Mohit must have taken Bindu and asks to call him. Bakula nervously says his phone is off. He asks why is she nervous. She says she is not and scolds him. Aditya says he will track Mohit’s last location via tracker and takes money from Jam. He then finds location 350 km away. Jam leaves with Aditya, Bakula, Rekha and Malati to find Bindu. They reach a place where Aditya says Mohit is somewhere around. Kanti and his wife pass by. Bakula asks if they saw Mohit. They says many times. She asks recently. Wife says yesterday his tempo broke down and he came to their village with Kiara. Jamm asksk if Bindu was there who was wearing pink dress. Dabbu passes by and says she saw Mohit with pink dress girl, he was shirtless and she shut tempo door. Jam asks to take him there. They open shutter and are shocked to see Bindu with shirtless Mohit. Bindu wakes up and acts as having consummated with Mohit last night and shies. Jam shouts Mohit forced Bindu and brought her here. Bindu says she came herself. Drama ensues. Mohit wakes up and walks without noticing them. Bakula says Bindu must have given something to Mohit that he is acting weird. Mohit opens eyes and says he does not know how he came here and reminisces Bindu feeding him sweets. Drama continues. Yamdooth comes and freezed Bakula thinking he will take her to Dwarka directly and take her soul away. Mohit thinks Bakula’s nerve jammed. Aditya says even Chandu uncle collapses for a few seconds sometime ago. Rekha happily says she must have died. Yamraj scolds Yamdooth and says until Mohit is married Bakula will not die and orders him to unfreeze Bakula. Yamdooth does. Drama continues.

Jam reaches home and gets Bindu’s message that she will not return home after losing her dignity to Mohit. He shouts. Malati suggests him he knows what to do. Jam smirks and says Bakula ben.

Precap: No precap.

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