Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 28th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Aditya Fulfills His Dream As Female Air Hostess

Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 28th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vinay asks Rekha to listen. Rekha refuses to talk to him and says my friends’ husbands are very caring and loving. Shyam asks her not to compare. Rekha asks did you ever take me anywhere. Vinay says I have taken you. Rekha says to buy your underwear. Vinay asks where she wants to go. Rekha says she wants to go to foreign. Bakula says chor rekha can’t sit in plane. Dabbu says same. Mohit asks her to say sorry. Dabbu says sorry. Rekha says she wants to go to Scotland, Paris, etc. Jaam Saab comes and says if your son had married my daughter then you would have gone, and asks her to keep dreaming. Aditya gets sad and recalls Kiara telling that she gets free tickets for her relatives. He thinks if I have been air hostess then I would have given free tickets to Dada and Dadi. Bakula hears him and gets happy. She tells Chanchal and Mani Dadi that Aditya is thinking for work for Rekha and Vinay. She says Rekha don’t have money, but she is eager to go to foreign.

Kanha ji tells Mahadev that Bakula is getting happy in others sorrows. He says if this continues then I have to call her ghost back. Yamraj hears them and goes to inform Bakula. He asks her to do some positive thing else he has to take her back to heaven. Bakula is shocked and thinks what to do. She thinks to do something good for Aditya. Aditya talks to airways office and says he wants to become gents air hostess. Officer says just 15 mins left to submit the form. Aditya thinks he can’t go in 15 mins and go.

Bakula asks Dabbu to fill the form and write Aditya’s name and paste his pic. Dabbu does as she says. Bakula calls Yamraj and emotional blackmails him to do something. He agrees. Bakula and Yamraj come to airlines office and keep the form in the file.

Aditya gets call from someone who asks him if he is interested in buying property. He says no. He then gets a call from airlines and the officer tells that Ms. Aditi Raja is selected for the airhostess and asks him to inform Aditi to come to office for interview. Aditya thinks what to do. Bakula scolds Dabbu for writing Ms. Aditi instead of Aditya. Chanchal and Mani Dadi come there. Bakula tells that Dabbu did mistake. Chanchal sees Chachi 420 poster and says Aditi will go to give interview. Bakula sticks the poster in Aditya’ s cupboard. Aditya opens the cupboard and gets the idea of becoming a woman seeing the poster. He gets dressed as a girl and walking on the road to go. Some guys tease him thinking him as girl. Mohit comes to his/her rescue and says my name is….Aditya says Mohit and says any girl will get attracted by you. Mohit feels shy. Aditya comes to give interview. Officer asks him why she (he) wants to become air hostess. Aditya says it was his Dada and Dadi’s wish. He gives interview and gets selected.

Rekha asks Vinay not to talk to her. She asks Aditya where is his beard. Vinay laughs. Malhar says rat must have taken. Megha jokes. Aditya says it is spent on Dadi and Dada’s ticket and says one day he will send them to foreign location for outing. Rupal asks him what is in his bag. He says books.

Aditya joins as air hostess. A passenger in the flight asks airhostess to send Aditi near him. Aditya as an air hostess goes near him. Music plays. Aditya introduces herself as Aditi. Sanjay introduces himself. Air hostess tells Aditya that Sanjay singhania is a business tycoon and congratulates him. Sanjay asks other airhostess to give Aditi’s number. Later after getting down the flight, Sanjay calls Aditya and asks him/her for coffee. Aditya says ok. Kanha ji blames yamraj for supporting Bakula. Mahadev says shall we get Bakula ghost back. Kanha ji says we shall wait. Rekha sees foreign locations and says she will go there. Megha and Malhar tell that they want to watch cartoon. They watch the news and comes to know that three young boys have been kidnapped. They all worry about Aditya. Malhar and Megha call Police. Sanjay tells Aditya that this is their official date and gives him anklet. Aditya says she don’t want it and says she is a hot girl having outdated phone.

Sanjay goes to buy it. Police comes there and asks about Aditya. Bakula gets an idea and gets in Vinay’s body and says he has kidnapped Aditya. Inspector beats him. Bakula comes out of his body. Vinay asks why you are beating me. Bakula enters him. Vinay says I will kidnapped everyone and you also. Bakula comes out of him. Vinay asks why you are beating me. Everyone says Aditya’s kidnapped. Vinay asks him to ask Rekha. Bakula gets inside her. Rekha says he planned yesterday to kidnap him. Sanjay gifts latest phone to Aditya. Aditya sees Chandu and Madhuri there and hides under the table. He comes out of table and tells Sanjay that she was hugging the dharti maa as most of the time, she is in sky. He gets Rupal’s call and excuses himself. He gets into gents toilet and sees Chandu there. He calls him kaka.

Chandu don’t identify him. He then goes to ladies toilet and talks to Rupal in his usual voice. He tells that he is near the house, when Rupal asks him if Vinay kidnapped him. He says no and says he is coming. Madhuri comes out of ladies toilet and shouts saying guy is inside. Aditya says she is a girl, whenever she has a bad stomach, her voice gets rough. Vinay cries after beating beaten by the Inspector. Yamraj comes to Bakula and asks her to stop entering human bodies. Aditya comes back to Sanjay and tells that he went to ladies toilet by mistake. Sanjay says you are a girl. Aditya says I cracked latest joke. He offers to drop him. Aditya says no thanks and goes. Sanjay thinks I can’t let her go alone and follows him.

Aditya sees that he is followed by Sanjay and runs inside the house hurriedly. He climbs the pipe and gets inside his room through the window. He changes his clothes. Sanjay calls him and asks why did you climb the pipe to go to room. Aditya jokes. Sanjay asks shall I come in your room. Aditya says no and ends the call. Rupal comes there and asks where is the girl, as she heard some girl laughing. Aditya says nobody is here. Bakula sees Shyam coming and make him collide with the table. Everyone come there and asks what happened. Vinay hugs Aditya and says he missed him a lot. Bakula thinks he is a liar. Rupal asks where is the girl. Aditya says there is nobody. Rupal goes. Aditya thinks what I will do tomorrow.

Sanjay tells Aditya that he has booked all flight and proposes him. Aditya gives Goa flight tickets to Rekha and Vinay. While they board the flight, plane gets hijacked. Everyone panics.

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