Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 22nd October 2017 Written Episode Update: Bakula Protects Family From Woman Thief

Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 22nd October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Inspector asks Madhuri to handle Chandu and complains against him. Rupal is dancing. Shyam asks her to continue dancing. Rupal dances.. A woman comes there and tells that she is Rasila and Manik Mausi left them 20 crores for them. They all are surprised. Bakula Bua gets inside Dabbu and asks why did you left us and cries. Madhuri then acts and cries. Rupal also pretends to cry and asks why did you leave us at such young age. Rasila says she was 102 years old. Rupal says she is talking about her age. Vinay cries and says she was Mannu Mausi. Rasila says Manik Mausi thought your family as a adarsh family and that’s why you will get the property only if your family is proved to be as she described, else the money will go to charity. Rekha comes wearing dictator uniform. Shyam comes and dances asking Rasila what is your number. Rasila says she can’t give the cheque. Mohit says he has a reason behind everyone’s strange behavior and tells something.

Vinay and Mohit ask Rasila to have batata. She tells that she told in foreign language that she can stay here and not Batata. Vinay says our money would have been saved. She says as you said that your family will get out of characters after playing in the drama then I can give you cheque. She says till then she will roam in the city and see the place. She asks them to make arrangements for her stay and also a car. Mohit and Vinay wonder from where do the money will come for car arrangements. Chandu asks Madhuri why they are after 20 crores and tells that he will print 50 crores in a night and asks her to give 2-3 crores to Rasila. Shyam tells Rupal that he will woo Rasila and asks her to start dancing. Yamraj tells Bakula that he has scanned all her relatives and there is no relative with Manik’s name.

Bakula says the woman might be fraud. Chanchal says there is no ghost with this name and she checked with the ghosts union. Rasila comes home and asks Mohit and Vinay to pay 10000 to driver 5000 for the shopping and 5000 for cab services. They refuse. She threatens to go back to france. They agree. Vinay pays 10000 Rs to driver. Mohit asks from where did you get the money. Vinay says Chandu’s fake notes which he printed. Mama comes to meet Dabbu wearing saree and gives her locket saying it will protect her. Dabbu wears it. When Bakula tries to enter her, she couldn’t and tells her that Rasila is a fraud. Dabbu thinks locket is working and goes.

Vinay asks Rupal and Madhuri to find real Rekha. Madhuri says even Chandu and Shyam have changed. They think Rekha got electric shock, Chandu slipped on Banana peel and Shyam had some kada. They plan to give electric shock to Rekha to make her behavior fine. Vinay gives her shock, but Rekha doesn’t become fine and asks her kids team to keep him in captivity. Arjun catches him. Rupal asks Shyam to dance with her, while Madhuri and Mohit plan to inject kada in him through aiming arrow on him. His aim fails and kada is injected to Rupal. She starts dancing romantically. Madhuri and Mohit go. Chandu sees Banana peels and picks it with fake money notes. He says he is now rich and will throw peel with money in dustbin. Bakula tells Dabbu that Rasila is a thief and asks her to catch her. Dabbu asks her what she is doing? Rasila says she came to pray to God and says good night.

Bakula tells Dabbu that the woman wants to steal God’s idol. Dabbu says she will not doubt on her. Later she hears Rasila talking to someone and telling about the idol. She runs to Bakula and tells that she heard Rasila planning to steal their kanha ji idol. She removes her locket so that Bakula can enter her. Bakula appreciates her gesture. Bakula enters her. Dabbu brings Rasila in hall and asks her to tell the truth. Rasila says she is not thief and tells that she planned to steal in their house as she heard about Madhuri and Rupal’s conversation in the market. Mohit appreciates her.

Vinay says we have lost much money in greed. Inspector comes and thanks Dabbu for calling him. He says they have been searching her and arrests her. Mohit says he can’t believe that she has become strong. Dabbu says the wife will become strong whose husband insult her. Bakula comes out of her and tells that Mohit will fall in her love. Kanha ji tells Yamraj that Bakula will do work for her family’s betterment. Rekha becomes fine and starts taking care of Vinay again. Vinay gets happy and sings song. Shyam talks to Guruji and asks why did you go to Himalayas alone. Guru ji tells that he has insulted him. Shyam thinks how he can insult him and decides to wait for him in the Ashram. Rupal sees them and says it seems Shyam got well.

Chandu picks the notes from his room and tells Madhuri that he will deposit it in the bank. Madhuri gets happy thinking he got fine and tells that the notes was brought by the kids. Chandu says when will I play with the notes..Madhuri smiles.

Bakula tells Dabbu that everything will be fine in the house. Rekha tells Vinay that she wants to go to foreign. Dabbu fills form as Bakula asks her. Later Aditya gets a call from the airlines. He went there indisguise of a woman.

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