Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 19th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Bakula’s new birth as ghost on janamasthami

Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot 19th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chandu thinks about the paheli’s meaning. He thinks the number is 6, but nobody will believe me. Vinay tells everyone that Jaam Saab is threatening us and sending designs of hand cuff which will suit on Rekha. Rekha asks him to show the hand cuff. Chandu asks her to sell the house and give money to Jaam Saab. Rekha says shelter shall not be taken off from everyone. Vinay says I would have freed you from Jail. Shyam does poetry. Vinay asks him to go before he beats him, and asks him to find the meaning of paheli. Rupal and Madhuri tell the paheli. Vinay gets angry. Chandu says I know the answer, but nobody listens to him. Vinay says we shall sell Thakur ji’s idol and solve everyone problem. He asks Shyam to give advertisement in newspaper.

In heaven, Gajanendra prays Om….Mahadev comes there. Bakula says you blessed me that I can lift anyone. She lifts him with her eyes. She reminds Mahadev about her. Mahadev says I know you. Gajanendra says you died on time, but I was dead before time. Mahadev scolds Yamraj. Yamraj says they did mistake. Mahadev says Gajanendra’s last rites is done, but there are 6 people of same face, and asks to bring the other man and puts Gajanendra’s soul in it. Gajanendra thanks him. Bakula tells Mahadev that she needs his help and says you said that a human have 6 lookalikes. She asks can I enter my lookalike. Mahadev laughs and goes. Bakula says he didn’t say yes and left. Yamraj says you forgot that you are in bhoot Awastha and can enter in anyone’s body. He asks her to go and find the person with whom she can talk. She thinks who can be the person.

Mohit sees Dabbu sleeping and covers her. He thinks what did I do? I got married to her without asking her.

Niyati Devi tells Narad that she made Mohit and Dabbu met in sudden circumstances. She plans to make Mohit fall for her. Mahadev tells that he don’t want Mohit to get attracted to her, and says may be they will love each other with time. He asks Rupal why Dabbu is sleeping here. Rupal says people will ask you. She says she is your wife, take her to room and if you can’t sleep with her then sleep outside here. Dabbu wakes up and takes broom from her hand. She apologizes. Rupal asks her to freshen up and then work. Jaam Saab comes and tells Dabbu that Mohit married her to make her servant. He tells Mohit that he is going to file FIR against Rekha. Yamraj tells Bakula that he will drop her.

Bakula says today is my new birth in Bhoot Awastha and asks them to wish Shri Hari on her behalf. She says I know you all will go and meet my husband, why can’t you let me meet kanha ji. Yamraj says when the time is right, then you can meet. Mohit asks Vinay, how can he think of selling God’s idol and says he is Bua’s husband and our phupha ji. Vinay says this is an investment and can be used in trouble times. He asks everyone if he is right. Mohit says you are asking everyone to say yes, but nobody is saying yes as they know I am right. Vinay says your mum will go to jail. Rekha says matter is not only mine. The idol is of 3 crores and all our problems will be solved. He asks Rekha to give them suggestion to earn money. Vinay asks who will earn, and tells that Shyam shells money in Ashram and Chandu comes home empty handed. He says Bakula have killed everyone’s dreams.

Mohit asks Rekha to handle the house. Rupal says nobody can earn 20 lakhs rs and it is better if Maa ji goes to jail. Vinay says I can’t imagine my Rekha in white saree and can’t stay without her for 14 years. Rupal says she can get 2-3 years or max 10 years imprisonment. Vinay says I can’t stay without my Rekha for 10 seconds. Mohit says idol will not be sold and tells that he will talk to Jaam Saab. Vinay asks him to marry Bindu. Dabbu says I have no complaints with you. Rekha tells Mohit that he is with him now. They start romancing. Madhuri asks them to stop romancing and talk about the matter.

Kids come and says even we have rights on Thakur ji’s idol as Bua written in her will that everyone has right on it equally. Mohit says kids are right and says idol will not be sold. Vinay says votes will decide now if the idol will be sold or not. Mohit agrees. Dabbu asks shall I keep 56 bhogs for God. Rekha says no. Mohit says Bua wrote clearly to present the bhogs for the God.

Yamraj, Niyati Devi and Narad come to Kanha ji wearing fancy dress and wishes happy birthday to Kanha ji. Mahadev asks about their costume. Yamraj says Niyati Devi have thought about this idea. Kanha ji says even people teaches us. Yamraj says he became Subhash Chandra Bose, Narad says he is dressed as film actor Jeevan, Niyati Devi says she became Sridevi and says hawa Hawaii. Kanha ji thanks them for making his birthday special and says today is special day, as it is my birthday and my param bhakt’s Bakula birth in bhoot awastha. Bakula comes to land and thinks it is her first day. She thanks God and wishes him happy birthday, says my new birth will be with you now, and prays to him for her success. She thinks to changes her saree. She changes with magic. A woman sees her and calls her Bakula. Bakula asks if you can see or hear me. Woman says I am your Dadi, Mani Dadi. Bakula says I have seen your pics and asks if she is dead also. Dadi says she fell down in the well and died. She asks her to touch her feet and blesses her. Dadi says they have no restrictions in Bhoot Awastha and can live fully. Bakula says I came here with a mission and says she needs someone who can hear or see her.

Vinay asks Madhuri to vote in his favor. Madhuri says Bua took care of God as her husband. Rekha says that relation was forced. Vinay asks if God gave her darshan. Dabbu says may be he has given her. Rekha asks her to talk as Dabbu. Dabbu says Mohit married me although he loves someone else. Vinay says he don’t love you. Dabbu says when I was shaking with cold, he covered me with blanket and I got respect. Vinay says we are talking about selling idol. Madhuri says Bua had accepted Thakur ji and even he replied by putting flower. May he gave her place in heart. Kids are playing. Bakula tells Dadi that they are Meghna and Malhar. They see the ball coming and tell that there is no ghost.. Bakula says everyone will get scared when see things moving. Dadi says if they do havan then your ghost will go and asks them to scare them in their dreams. Bakula asks how to search the person. Dadi says even she is searching the person. Bakula says they will hate each other now and thinks of the person.

Shyam says Guru ji will vote too. Rupal says only family members will vote. Chandu says we are just 11 people. Mohit says Dabbu is family member now. Rupal says just as Shyam is my husband on paper. She checks the size of cut potatoes and rotis. Mohit asks why you are making her as yourself. Rupal says I will taunt you until you accept her as your wife. They decide about the votes message. Bakula comes there with Dadi. Shyam says don’t give me vote, I am thirsty of love and give me a juice of bhakti. Mohit says we are talking about votes. Chandu gets up and says Bakula Bua. Bakula tells Mani Dadi that everyone can see her. They all walk towards her.

Bakula enters a woman’s body and acts as beggar.. beggar says you are big beggar than me. Bakula asks Niyati Devi to sell who is that person. Mohit tells that he got a dream that Bakula asked them to sell idol to Nana Bhai.

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