Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 3rd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 3rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajni telling Shaan that he has forgotten what she can do and shows her electric figure. Shaan says I am not Dev and asks her not to try and scare her. Rajni says okay Shaan and hits on his stomach. Shaan says I forgot this. Rajni says excuse me, I am getting late for my photo shoot. Shaan says now you will see what I can do. Surili tells Aashiq that the girls are very much tired, and says we will do yoga tomorrow. Aashiq says you have done a good job, and asks her to get his shirt. Surili asks Maggie to get it. Maggie asks Sharmila and then Rajni to get his shirt. Shaan comes out and takes Aashiq’s tshirt thinking it to be his. Rajni takes Shaan’s tshirt and gives to Mr. Aashiq. Mr. Aashiq wears it. He says girls…you will meet again, stay happy and blessed as yoga se hi hoga. Amrish thinks he will feel itching now. He asks Aashiq, if everything is alright. Aashiq says he is having muscle pain. Gyan asks don’t you feel any itching. Aashiq asks them to do meditation and leaves. Gyan asks did you sprinkle talcum powder instead. Amrish says scratch now. Surili asks what you people are planning. Shaan comes there, and scratching himself. Surili says you have sprinkled itching powder on Shaan’s tshirt instead of Aashiq’s tshirt. Amrish, Gyan and Dhyan are tensed.

Amrish scolds Dhyan for sprinkling tshirt on Shaan’s tshirt. Gyan also scolds him. Surili asks them to shut up and says bad actors. Shaan hugs everyone to make him do itching. Surili says very immature Shaan. All the men starts itching. Rajni, Sharmila and Maggie come and asks what they are doing? Sharmila says monkey dance. Rajni says even I want to dance and starts itching. Surili asks to stop and scolds them. Rajni says I am going to jungle for my photo shoot. Shaan says I have sent that Chimpanzee from here. Rajni says he is living in misunderstanding. Surili informs them that they will be also doing modelling and that’s why hired Aashiq to stay fit. She asks the girls to come.

While they go to jungle for the shoot. Amrish and his team follow them. Surili, Maggie, Sharmila and Rajni pose for the photo shoot. Jalwa song plays while their husbands are shocked seeing their wives in sensual poses. Rajni asks them to close their mouths else honeybee can get in their mouths and do mangal in jungle. Amrish says I used to call you tigress jokingly, now you turn up like a tigress. Surili says we are doing hot photo shoot….Chintu asks them to get ready. He clicks Sharmila, Surili and Rajni’s pics and tells that we shall do something different. Shaan says I am proud of myself, Rajni is looking good. Chintu says very s…y. Amrish asks did you want to get the photos published in magazine and gets angry. Chintu asks them not to disturb him. Shaan says mum is looking good too. Chintu asks them to hold something in hand. Maggie holds the branches and poses for pics. Rajni lifts a heavy stone and poses for the pics shocking everyone. Chintu gets shocked and falls down. Surili says Rajni….how can you lift heavy and big stone. Rajni says with ease. Shaan says it is not heavy, I will show and goes to lift it. Rajni says good luck Shaan. Shaan couldn’t lift it and falls down. Amrish, Gyan and Dhyan help him get up. Shaan says I was acting, and will lift stone.

Chintu asks the girls to pose as if they are lost in jungle. The girls pose for the photos. Dhyan says we will also pose with our wives. Sharmila and Rajni ask Chintu to let them join. All the guys pose with their wives. Chintu says if you pose like animals then women expressions will be good. He says you are donkey, monkey, fox and rhinoceros. The guys are shocked. Shaan asks what is rhinoceros pose. Chinto makes faces and asks Amrish to pose like it. Shaan asks Rajni how did fox sound? Rajni makes sound. Chinto asks girls to get scared as their husbands are animals. Amrish, Shaan, Dhyan and Gyan try to scare their respective wives, just as Chintu tells them. Rajni scans everyone emotions and says I can sense that everyone is feeling bad. She says they are our husbands and you can’t treat him like animals. She refuses to pose for the pics, and says they will be in the pics as our husbands.

Chintu says do you know who am I? Rajni says a stupid photographer. Surili, Maggie and Sharmila insult him. Amrish apologizes to him and then slaps him with his team. Chintu runs from there. Amrish says it is over now, lets become like husband and wife again. Dhyan asks Sharmila to accept him back as his cupcake. Surili says you all want your husband title back. Amrish says it is our mistake also along with Shaan. He says I didn’t know that we will have to stay away from our wives. Surili says okay, I will forget you from my heart. Amrish says okay Dilpreet…then says Surili. Surili gets angry and asks him not to think about Dilpreet. Shaan says you people are wearing good costume. Rajni says one selfie should be taken. He clicks for a family pic.

Surili asks Samaira to leave from there as she can’t forget Shaan if she stays here. Samaira smiles and says if anyone will go from this house then it is not me, but…..

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. kant mens become animals and than sabka patni mode on

  2. shoking precap samaira’s new face

  3. oh…rajni…??????


    So nice episode ……
    Jungle photoshoot was best part…..
    And i am not surprised with precap as i know sharmila has some movtive either being pscyho for shaan or want to know about robo….


      Samira not sharmila

  5. sharaddha this is samaira not sharmila and monkey dance part also very funny


      Thanks disha for correcting me… as it was spell mistake done by me

  6. The coolest bahu of small screen is soon going to turn into an evil vamp we hear.Reason you ask? Well to save her pati parmeshwar from falling in love with the other woman.Maggie (Vahbiz Dorabjee) and Surili (Pallavi Pradhan) will brainwash Rajni (Ridhima Pandit) that she shouldn’t allow Samaira (Shiny Doshi) to get close to Shaan(Karan V Grover). In order to stop Shaan and Samaira getting close to each other, Rajni will start watching Hindi shows to learn about tricks to keep them apart.Inspired from all the vamps of small screen, Rajni will dress up like and them and will turn melo-dramatic to emotionally blackmail Shaan.Hats off lady, you never fail to entertain us!!!

  7. so, funny episode…. the monkey dance

    girls are looking gorgious… love you Rajni…

  8. Super excited 4 today’s episode can’ wait….. Smash that brainless Samaira…. Go 4 it rajni

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