Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 31st January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 31st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sharmila and Dhyan arguing about finding Rajni and losing her because of each other. Surili asks them to maintain peace and says today my bahu is going to come, and you are fighting. Amrish says Surili is praising Rajni and waiting for her today. Surili says I have understood her today. Shaan gets worried. Shaguta comes with Rajni’s lookalike and says I brought Rajni for you. Surili asks them to stand there, and says she will do her aarti before she steps inside. Rajni’s lookalike Rajjo looks at the house. Surili asks Shaguta to go to side and does her aarti. She then throws screw and computer stuff on her. Amrish asks have you gone mad? Rice is thrown and not this things. Surili says our bahu is not human but Robot. Everyone is shocked. Amrish asks if Bhojpuri film is going on in her mind. Surili says I came to know that she is a robot 5 years back and got heart attack, and today also I was about to get heart attack.

Shaan says you are having a misunderstanding. Surili asks him to stop his acting and says I came to know that you have made her. Amrish says Rajni have taken care of us. She says I have done Robot’s research and came to know that Robots doesn’t have hairs, but wig. She tries to pull Rajjo’s hairs. Rajjo feels pain and shouts. Surili says may be Shaan fixed her hairs. She says I came to know from my research that if water is thrown on a robot then she will shake and her body will spark. Amrish calls her torturous woman. Shaan thinks why she is not having sparks. Surili takes out injection and tries to take her blood. She tells robots have no blood in them. Amrish stops her and throws injection. Rajjo faints and falls down. Shaan is surprised. Amrish and other try to make Rajjo conscious. He says blood came, and this means she is a human. Surili says I am sure that Shaan have put something in her. Rajjo tells her that she is a human and not a robot.

Gyan comes back and asks why everyone is serious. Amrish asks Surili to stop it. Surili asks him to use his mind and says this girl can do even hard things easily which normal human can’t do. She says she can extend her hand and asks her to extend her hand. She tries to pull her hand. Rajjo says she is feeling pain and says this is my hand and not law’s hand. She pushes Surili. Surili falls on Shaan. Surili asks him to keep hand on her head and tell that she is a robot. Shaan says you saw blood coming out from her hand and it means she is a human. Gyan says robot. Amrish asks them to take Surili from there. Shaan takes Rajjo to lab and asks her how she managed to show blood oozing out from her body.

Rajjo says she is having blood naturally. He asks her to stop talking in Haryanvi. Dev comes and says thank God you are here. Shaan says did RAM call you. Dev says yes and asks her not to hear Shaan’s commands. Shaan says you have kept blood feature in her learning science from me. Dev says I have not kept any feature in her and says you must have kept that feature. Rajjo says she is a girl since childhood. Shaan says I will delete this Haryanvi accent and tries to unzip her back. She slaps him and says sorry, tell that this doesn’t suit you. She cries. Dev says tears….Shaan says she is not having circuits at back. They say she is a human. Rajjo says she is Rajjo and not Rajni. They wonder where is Rajni. Rajni is on road and thinks to charge herself. She sees a pole and charge herself holding the wires.

Few men see her holding wire and search for wood. Rajni charges her fully. Policeman comes and asks what happened? Rajni tells that her husband asked her to get lost. Inspector says he must be angry, and asks her to go home. Rajni says okay and thinks not to show her face to Shaan. Dev says she is same like Rajni. Rajjo tells them that her brothers were getting her married to old man, and she escaped. She thanks them and says she will go. Shaan asks her to go to Police station directly. Dev takes Shaan to side and asks her to let Rajjo stay here for few days, until Surili’s doubts are cleared. Shaan says you have become intelligent. Dev says I am so proud of me. Shaan says this is my line. You have changed, but still makes stupid face. Dev says I have become rich and intelligent, but I miss those moments. Shaan and Dev hug and patch up. Rajjo says bharat milap is going on here. Shaan asks Rajjo to stay there for a day until Rajni returns. Rajjo refuses. Dev also requests her.

Rajni comes back home. Surili touches her to know if she is a robot. Rajni asks what you are doing? Surili says I am expressing my love. Rajni says even I shall express my love and pulls her cheeks. Surili presses her switch off button by mistake and sees her off. She thinks to expose her. Rajjo sees Rajni.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Dragging up drama… i hope rajjo do not create problems and do not marry shaan..


      Want to see happy ending not bakwas endimg

    2. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey Shraddha I have not watch bhrk for many days but saw the episode where rajni and family were doing a bhojpuri flim and then day b4 yesterday’s episode Surili knows rajni is a robot how did she get to know rajni is a robot? I didn’t see that episode that’s why


    Surili was running behind aishwarya daughter and rajini was charging herself as shaan asked her to leave house for a day, she scaned that what do ladies take when leave house, she was taking tools from distance with streching her hand. And that time surili saw that rajini is robot

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