Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 30th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 30th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maggie seeing Rajni in the phone and tells that she saw her while taking selfie. Shaguta and Sharmila say that they didn’t see her. Surili asks her to shut her mouth. Shaan comes to room and sees Amrish and Dhyan sitting with vests and asks where are your clothes. Amrish says that is taken by Gyan. Ram asks him to relieve himself in the washroom and relieve his nervousness. Shaan asks what is this rubbish. RAM says my MOBO says that whenever a person is in tension or nervousness, he shall go and relieve himself. Amrish says he is saying right. Dhyan asks if he is your son..Shaan says bad joke and goes to washroom. RAM says he was nervous. Shaan comes out. RAM says you are nervous. Shaan says your MOBO is here. RAM says I have to go. Maggie thinks if Rajni doesn’t want to come infront of us, then why did she come here and for whom. Rajni says RAM. RAM searches for his MOBO. Mahi comes there and asks if he is still searching his MOBO. She asks him to go.

Vikram asks Gyan, where is Amrish and Dhyan. Gyan says they are hiding in the room and says that he will go and bring them. Maggie sees Rajni and says she won’t let her go. She holds her, and asks her to be there until she comes back. She brings Surili and asks her to look at Rajni. Surili asks Maggie to see. Maggie asks the fake relatives to say. Surili asks Maggie not to ask them to speak as they charge for speaking and scolds her.

Rajni looks for RAM. Amrish comes wearing same suit and says I heard that you are searching me. Vikram spots stain on his clothes and asks? Surili hears him and goes to bring chutney. She tells Vikram that it is their ancestral ritual, and applies chutney stain on his clothes as well. Vikram asks about Dhyan and Gyan. Amrish says they are distributing shawl and clothes to poor. Vikram thinks they will repent after marrying in this family. Ria makes Shaan wear the ring. Amrish gives ring to Shaan. Shaan asks himself to get engaged to Ria for family happiness. He makes her wear ring. Everyone claps for them. Surili welcomes Ria in their family. Ria smiles. Surili asks everyone to dance. RAM thinks where is MOBO. A song plays…..Amrish thinks guests are dancing and will charge extra now, gets tensed.

Vikram announces that they have brought gifts for Kant family and gives gift boxes to Amrish and Surili. Surili asks what is in it? Vikram says expensive watches and jewellery. Surili says I needed it. Vikram is surprised. Surili asks why did you bring it. Ria asks Surili, can they go on a long drive. Shaan says we can talk here itself. Surili says how romantic, and asks him to go. Shaguta asks Vikram to dance with her. Vikram dances with her. Shaguta says once Shaan and Ria get married, we will marry too, I am so happy. Vikram’s phone call rings and says he got his boss call and have to go. Shaguta says no. Amrish says work comes first and asks him to go. Vikram goes. Amrish tells Surili that they shall send the guests now. Guests ask about the money. Amrish says you will get it after marriage, and says we talk to the broken. They all leave. Maggie tells Surili that Rajni came back to take revenge.

Surili asks girls to take Maggie inside and take out Rajni’s ghost from her head. She goes to open the gift. Shaguta asks Maggie to tell everything. Maggie says I went to washroom and saw her there. When we were posing for selfie, I saw her. When I collided her, I held her and asked her to wait. She says we shall search her ghost in the house, lets go. She finds Sharmila and Shaguta tying her by a rope. Maggie tries to free her hands. They put cloth in her mouth and go. Shaguta sees her designer bag. Sharmila sees her diamond pendant and Surili looks at diamond bracelet. Sharmila shows perfume. Surili asks where did you go and asks diamond bracelet not to go anywhere now. Sharmila sprays perfume. Maggie looks at Sunny Deol’s pic and asks him to give her strength and breaks the rope and frees herself. She thanks Sunny Deol for protecting his sister and says now I will show Surili.

Surili, Shaguta, Aishwarya and Sharmila are dancing on the break up song. Maggie comes there and tries talking to Surili. Maggie throws plate and it falls near the candle burning the chandelier rope. Broker asks Rajni to return the clothes and wear her clothes only in marriage. He gives her clothes back. Rajni says command accepted and goes to change her clothes. Everyone is still dancing. Shaguta sees the Chandelier moving fast and asks Surili to move from there. Surili couldn’t hear because of the music, and says I love you too. Sharmila notices Chandelier moving and about to fall. She shouts Mummy ji. Shaguta asks her to look up. Surili looks up and is scared seeing Chandelier falling on her head. She closes her eyes. Chandelier is stopped by Rajni as she holds the rope. Surili is shocked and couldn’t believe on her eyes. Maggie, Shaguta and Sharmila are shocked too.

Surili says Rajni…Rajni says I shouldn’t have come infront of you. Shaguta says we have to make her go.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I think Vikram’s boss will be non other than Dev
    & I swear when Shogo will see dev she will go crazy for him ??(if she is still his hero)


    I think even ria and vikram are fraud… as how can a rich family only get satify so easily??????????
    All kanth family is doing soooooo much overacting, can’t tolerate…?????????
    And mobo and ram search drama is toooo much dragging?????????

  3. I also wanted to say this #Shraddha_Sharma 😀
    I also think so

  4. Ria and Vikram are fraud

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