Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 29th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 29th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan is about to see Rajni’s face. Just then he gets Amrish’s call asking him to come. He says I will come, and tells Rajni to take care of her son. He mistakenly touches Rajni’s hand and she gets switched on. She says I have to search RAM. Vikram asks the guest about his relation with Amrish. Guest is silent as he is not paid for communication. Dhyan and Gyan come there, and says he is phupha ji and mama ji. Vikram asks why he is not speaking? Guest/fake relative ask Dhyan to give 200 Rs and says he will give this money to poor. He hugs him. Vikram asks who is in your family. Gyan says we will give you info. Rajni scans and thinks scanner is giving her wrong info. Maggie sees Rajni standing behind her and gets shocked. Rajni says hello Maggie. Maggie shouts and runs. Rajni says oh oh. Laundry man comes there and asks Dhyan and Gyan to give their clothes as the owners wanted it. He takes their clothes and goes. They think how we will go now.

Ria asks Aishwarya, how she is looking nice. Aishwarya says super se bhi duper. Ria thanks her. Surili compliments Ria on her beauty. Ria thanks her. RAM apologizes to Ria and gives flower made of straws. Ria says it is good. RAM says that he picked the thrown straws and made it. Ria throws it. RAM says his MOBO says that they shall recycle the things when they can. Surili says we won’t be impressed with your cute talks.

Maggie comes running to Surili. Surili collides with Amrish and chutney falls on Amrish’s suit. Surili tries to wipe it with her saree. Amrish says it is more costly. He goes to wash it. Surili asks Maggie, why did she come there running. Ria says she is saying that someone is there. Maggie signs her that Rajni is there. Sharmila asks if she wants to loo. Maggie couldn’t talk and just sign. Surili asks her to try….Ria says Rajni kant…came to our engagement and says I want to meet him. Maggie signs sindoor in forehead.

Shaguta says Rajni Kant’s wife came here. Surili asks why she will come here? Maggie finally says Rajni….Everyone is shocked. Surili keeps her hand on her heart. Maggie says I am telling truth. Rajni is in this party. Ria asks who is Rajni? Shaguta says it is Hyderabad masala. Maggie says I will show that to you. Ria says who will change our rings then. Surili says I will see masala first. Ria says I will come with you. Surili says no. Shaguta says you are bride, and should take care of your beauty. Ria looks on.

Amrish takes RAM to washroom. He sees two persons standing behind the curtain and think thieves came. He is about to hit them, but Gyan and Dhyan are there hiding. Gyan says laundry man came and take the clothes. Dhyan says we can change the clothes and meet everyone. Gyan says we will take whose clothes here. Dhyan looks at Amrish’s clothes. Amrish asks them not to eye his clothes. Gyan says we have no option. Dhyan asks him to take out his suit. RAM comes out of washroom and sees Amrish giving his suit to Gyan. He is confused. Gyan wears the suit and goes to see the guests. RAM says you all shares clothes. Dhyan says sharing spreads happiness. RAM says I don’t know. Dhyan says he is feeling cold. RAM says he will make arrangements to get rid of his cold.

Surili, Maggie, Shaguta and Sharmila come there and think Rajni is standing. RAM is there holding hair dryer. Surili asks what you are doing in my expensive bathroom. RAM says he came to get it. Surili asks him to go. Shaguta asks Maggie, if she was drunk when she saw Rajni. Maggie says Rajni was here and asks her to believe her. Surili asks her not to take Rajni’s name else. Maggie thinks where is Rajni. Rajni is seen on the rooftop, and thinks Shaan gave me command to hide from family and think she shall take RAM and leave immediately. Shaguta tells Surili that they have dressed up so well and shall take a selfie. Maggie too joins them and sees Rajni in the phone camera. She says Rajni….

Amrish gives ring to Shaan. Shaan makes Ria wear the ring. Everyone claps.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Now they are again dragging the show… i mean its almost 4 episodes and rajini and RAM are not able to see each other and not even family members, though maggie saw but none is beliving… i do not like commedy show turning into saas bahu drama show…
    And kanth family is now shop of over acting specially all ladies… ??????????????????????????

    1. True….it’s an science fiction and comedy..but now it becomes Sasi bahu serial…that lady surili knows the truth that rajni saved her life but she is over acting that she is the one who tries to kill her…i hate shaan a lot day by day …. he know the truth by doctor then also he is angry with rajni…I donno y he is like that…. boringggggg…


      I do not think Shaan knows the trurh of doctor. As that time he was putting Rajini in Trash machine.. its that truth that will come out later…
      But yes shaan has become arrogent and rajini a loving robot mother

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