Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 28th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 28th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amrish looking at Shaan and asks if he wants to marry this girl Ria. Shaan asks why you are asking me this today. Amrish says he is missing Rajni today. Rajni comes there holding gift in her hand. She asks ladies, whose engagement is happening here. Lady says we came for money here. Rajni says I don’t understand and asks them to tell who is getting engaged. Lady points his finger towards Shaan. Rajni says it is a good thing, he is getting settled in life and says she has to hide her face and search RAM. She thanks ladies and goes towards Shaan hiding her face. Shaan says I am 100 percent sure, and asks why you are taking her name when you know about mum’s health. She comes near Amrish. Amrish says these rented relatives, and asks her to give gift later and time pass with ladies till then. Rajni says okay and goes. Amrish asks Shaan if he heard that girl’s voice and says she talked like Rajni.

Shaan says Rajni is gone for forever and asks him to accept. RAM is having cake. Aishwarya brings a little girl and asks her not to do any mischief. Girl/Mahi says super cool. Aishwarya asks her not to argue. Surili comes and says you are looking good. Mahi asks waiter to give cake. He gives fake one. Mahi asks for real cake. She sees RAM eating cake. She comes to RAM and asks him to exchange cake with hers. RAM refuses to exchange cake with her. Mahi runs after him.

Ria waits for make up artiste. Shaguta says make up artiste is here. She says Mama sita from Italy. Ria sees Aishwarya wearing a modern outfit like a foreigner. Aishwarya says she is Mama Sita from Idli. Shaguta says she wants to say she just had idli. Aishwarya says I came to decorate your face. Shaguta says she means make up, and asks her to start the make up. Aisha song plays…………Rajni asks the guest who are they? They tell that they have become relatives. They ask Rajni what did you become? Rajni says I am Shantanu’s ex wife. The ladies laugh and asks her to be with them as the sponsor is a cheat.

Amrish asks the fake guest not to act too smart, and says he will not pay him for the dialogues. He wonders where is RAM. Mahi asks RAM to wait, while he runs. Mahi catches him and asks what is your name. RAM says I will not tell you. Ria asks Surili, how she is looking? Surili says you are looking good. Shaguta says you are looking indeed like a queen. Maggie says she is looking better than Ria. Sharmila asks her to stop getting jealous. Maggie says she will bet and ask Surili. They bet on 5 Rs. RAM and Mahi argue for the real cake. Mahi falls down. Maggie comes to Surili and asks if she is looking better than Ria. Mahi gets up and throws RAM’s cake. It falls on Ria’s face.

Maggie asks who is looking better now. Surili says ofcourse Ria. Ria says my face…..Surili asks her not to see her face in mirror. Ria says she can’t get engaged in this face. Surili says your face is spoiled, don’t think this. Maggie says she is saying right. Ria says I don’t want to get engaged. Shaguta asks who have done this? Surili asks who is it? Mahi and RAM point finger towards each other. Rajni scans searching RAM and says he is not near 3 mts radius. The ladies ask who is RAM. Ram says RAM is my son…While the ladies are going, Rajni gets switches off as her button is pressed by the lady mistakenly.

Mahi tells RAM have done this. RAM says he has not done anything, it was an accident and has no control on it. Shaan asks didn’t your parents taught you anything. RAM gets angry and asks him not to take his father’s name. Amrish cools him down and asks him to have cake. Ladies hear his name and tells so this is RAM. They say his mum is in the room. Shaan goes to room and sees Rajni’s face hidden with the gift. He says I am talking to you…Rajni is still off. Shaan is about to see her face.

Maggie spots Rajni and gets shocked. She comes to Surili and informs her that Rajni is in the party. Surili and others get shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. this show lost it’s charm, but ram acting is cute… and face cake..

  2. When the hell the family will see rajni, it’s getting irritating now . They are just lengthning the episode with unwanted drama

  3. nice epi….thnx for written update!!!!

  4. how did the Kant get poor ?????? can. someone explain even though gyan put money to become a hero the Kant’s were doing preety well then???????

  5. Lol fake cake is that how badly poor they r ?????I love this show hope shaan realizes his mistake and RAM is sooooo cute rajni’s motherly love is just an awwwwwwwwwwww????I wonder what will happen in tomorrow’s episode


    Ha ha ha …. RAM and Mahi fight…??????????? for real and fake cake???????????? this much GARIBEEEEEE of kanth family….
    And waiting to see Kanth’s family reaction after seeing Rajini???????????????
    And over-acting of Surili started in precap as usual..???????

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