Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 26th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 26th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pappu telling Rajni that he has sold his land and property to be a good director, and says give me just one hit film and I will get back everything. Rajni asks him not to worry and says his film will be a hit. Pappu smiles. Rajni learns film making online and feeds in her system. RAM asks why you are doing this? Rajni says Pappu is sad and needs my help. RAM says when you are helping him, I am sure that his film will be superhit. Shaan comes and gives her hard drive saying it has all info of all hit films. Rajni asks him to feed the data in her system. Shaan asks why? Rajni says I need to know audience like which type of films. She watches all films through her projector eyes, and says done. Shaan says what you will do now. Rajni says she will make superhit film now. She comes to Pappu. He asks where did you go? Rajni says she went to do course from bollywood school of film making. Pappu asks are you joking? Rajni says she has seen 25 hit films. Pappu asks are you joking? Rajni says she came to know from search that important part should be strong, ie film script. Pappu says I have script. Rajni says your thinking is wrong like a school kid, and asks him to give script. She says I will read.

Pappu says it will take 2 days to read. Rajni says just 2 mins and turns pages. She returns the script and tells that she has read. Pappu says you said that you don’t joke, but you are joking. Rajni tells him that all the defects in his scripts, and says your film has every masala to get flop. Pappu says you have really read script. Rajni asks him to make film on real life subject and says people likes such films. Pappu says I can’t write so soon. Rajni says I will write. Pappu says I can’t wait for 2 years. Rajni says she will write in just 2 mins. She comes back and gives script in Pappu’s hand. He asks what is the film title. Rajni says bahu hamari rajnikant ba….Pappu asks about the casting. Rajni says she has done casting. Pappu asks who is in the film.

Kant family is called. Gyan asks why we are called altogether. Pappu asks where are the actors. Rajni says these are your film actors. Maggie gets happy. Dhyan thanks him. Maggie says Rajni is so good. Surili appreciates Rajni. Shaguta asks what about our role. Pappu says Rajni will tell you. Rajni says you are khadoos sasumom who is always behind fashion and status. Surili asks how can you say this? Rajni says this is your character in film. Amrish asks her to listen fully. Rajni says you are badi bahu even in film, and says who can awake smelling food and anyone can fool her easily. She tells Sharmila that she will play choti bahu who is kaam chor, and burdens her side of work on others. Sharmila is surprised.

Rajni tells Shaguta that she is educated and foreign return, and her ego is more big than her, and says she uses short forms and calls herself by her name. Shaguta says she is telling about ourselves. Surili says we will do good acting. RAM does mahurat of the film. Shooting starts….Surili asks Rajni to make rotis like her heart…..big roti. Rajni says okay sasumaa and brings big roti. Surili asks what is this? Rajni says it is roti baa….Surili says I don’t want to eat big roti and asks her to bump it on her head. Rajni accepts command and throws on her head. Pappu cuts the scene. In next scene, Rajni lifts Dhyan. Sharmila asks why did you lift me. Shaguta asks if she is going to throw him in dustbin. Rajni says he is fully trash and needs to be in trash bin. Surili says no…no….Dhyan shouts someone save me. Pappu gets happy.

Pappu explains next scene..and tells that Saas comes to know that Rajni is a robot and tries to pour water on her head, but her husband saves her at right time. Shaan is shocked and tells Rajni that she can get sparks and can malfunction, and her truth will be out to everyone. Rajni says like Raj Kapoor said…show must go on. She asks Pappu to continue the scene. In the scene Surili thinks to find out if Rajni is a human or robot and pours a bucket on water on her. She throws water on Rajni. Rajni’s body have electric sparks and she falls down. Pappu says shot is real. Shaan asks what happened to my wife and calls her.

Sharmila says shot is finished and asks her to get up. Shaan asks her to reboot herself. Shaguta laughs and says ifs he is a robot. Surili asks Rajni to get up and says nothing can happen to her. Amrish says someone call doctor fast. Shaan says she will be alright soon. Rajni opens her eyes and gets up, saying show must go on. Pappu says excellent shot. Amrish blesses Rajni and says now I can proudly say that my bahu hamari rajnikant. Pappu says now my film will be a hit. Rajni says no, until you have item song in it. Pappu says lets shoot item song. Shaan is dancing on the song….Beeji Chadayi Le….Rajni joins him and dances. Kant family also joins them.

Kant family watch News and comes to know that Bahu hamari rajnikant baa is a hit in UP and Bihaar. Reporter comes to take Rajni’s interview and asks how can she do such good acting of robot. Rajni says acting is natural as she herself is a……stops..Shaan is tensed, Everyone looks on surprisingly.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Best ever episode …. just real acting done and award goes to Rajini………. waawooooo ?????
    But its appearing due to all these incidents that show might end soon ?????

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