Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 25th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 25th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaan and Ria coming back from shopping. Ria shows the scarf which she bought for shaan. She says she will give phansi to his choice. Amrish says not phansi. She tells that she will freshen up and get ready. Amrish asks Shaan if he is happy with her, and says we can be hungry, don’t sacrifice for our happiness. Shaan says many things were ruined in this house because of me. He says I will make everything fine, and I will be happy when my family is happy. Amrish thinks he is sacrificing for his happiness for our happiness, who will stop him. RAM comes there on his cycle and says so here is the humans’ party. Shaan thinks time is over..he thinks time has come to rectify his mistakes which he did by making Rajni. He thinks he is doing right by marrying Ria, and asks himself to get ready. RAM comes inside and thinks humans gets stars for the party decoration.

Surili tells Amrish that she called relatives on rent for Ria and Shaan’s engagement. Amrish says real relatives showed their true faces. Man says they charge 500 and 1000. Amrish says we will practice. Surili says they charge for talking. Surili selects the relatives and asks them to give gift and greet Ria and Shaan. She says there is nothing inside the gift, and asks where are ladies. Man says they are getting ready and says he will send them. Amrish tells Surili that God shall give them destiny on rent. RAM sees crow doing caw caw and about to do potty. He sees Amrish and Surili coming, and pushes Amrish asking him to move. Crow does potty on Surili. Surili gets happy and thanks Baba for his blessings. Rajni comes there and sees Kant house board. She says this is Kant Nivas and recalls her memories with the house. She says this is Shantanu Kant’s house, I shall go, but RAM is here, I have to take him back. She thinks what to do, and thinks even logic board is not helping her.

RAM helps Amrish to get up. Amrish says you are strong. RAM laughs hearing Surili telling that Crow is her baba. Surili gets irked and asks him to stop laughing. She asks Amrish if this child is invited. Amrish says he is a child and laughed hearing you calling baba to crow. He asks RAM to say sorry to Surili. RAM says sorry. Amrish says he is cute and asks how did you know that crow is about to do potty on me. RAM says it was staring you and that’s why I pushed you. Amrish thanks him. Surili asks who called you here. RAM shows the invite. Surili gets a phone call from Shaguta and goes. Amrish asks about his name. RAM says he is RAM. Amrish says Ram…good name. RAM says I am not Ram, but RAM. Amrish asks if he came from America.

RAM says he is R.A.M. Amrish asks who gave you this name. RAM says my MOBO. Amrish says India is changing surely and laughs. Surili comes to room and asks what happened. Ria sees crow’s potty on her saree and asks what is this. Surili says this is because of baba, and then says a kid. She says I don’t know who has invited him. Ria says she has invited him. Surili asks why did you call me here. Ria says makeup artiste is not available and says she will postpone the wedding. Surili and Shaguta get tensed.

Sharmila asks fake relatives not to eat real pastries and act to eat fake one. She acts and shows them how to eat. Amrish asks waiter to give real cake pastry to RAM. RAM eats it and says it is tasty. Amrish asks who is in your house. RAM says just MOBO. Amrish asks him to stay there and says I will be back. RAM says command accepted. Amrish misses Rajni hearing this. Man asks Rajni to lift the gift box and give to the couple, as he thinks she came to work as fake relative. He asks her to change the clothes first. Rajni says she is not having clothes. He gives her clothes and asks her to wear it. Rajni looks on.

Rajni comes inside after changing clothes. Amrish asks Shaan if he wants to get engaged to Ria. Shaan says he is 100 percent sure. Rajni asks ladies, who is getting engaged here. Amrish doesn’t see Rajni as she was holding box infront of her face, and asks her to go and talk to the ladies. Rajni says okay. Amrish tells Shaan that he heard Rajni’s voice. Shaan says Rajni left us and went somewhere far.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Rajni and Ram are looking cute. Even Dev.


    Shaan is sooooo cruel… but i m waiting for kanth’s family reaction after seeing rajini and will hve misunderstanding of RAM being shhan aand rajini son…. but more i miss kuhu as she was only smart and cute in this family

  3. Zimmani Ahmed

    The serial is becoming boring day by day… Riya iss kahani mein kahase ayi… Raqesh aka Shaan is acting very cruel.. BT our shaan wasn’t cruel.He was a softhearted scientist…

  4. Agree with ahmad. Our shan was softhearted.

  5. Shaguta will be shock to see dev as gentleman and Shaan will be also shock by seeing rajani and ram


      Actually waiting to see her reaction.. as she always rejected him due to his silly things and have pride of being foregin return and money… now dev have money and she is poor, she will be behind him soon… ???????????????????
      But i miss dev silly innocence.. and bubbles bua and amrtya mamu..

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