Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 24th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 24th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dev apologizes to Rajni. Rajni says I am not feeling bad, but RAM is feeling bad. Dev says we can’t agree to let him go and take risk. Rajni says I was about to go with him. Dev says you gets stuck and is slow. Rajni apologizes to him and says I am slow, and that’s why you and RAM have problem. Dev says I should apologize as I couldn’t upgrade you in these 5 years. Only 1 person can upgrade you, but he left you. Khadoos scientist. Rajni says Shaan used to upgrade her often, but he being her husband ignored her later on, typical husband. Dev tells Rajni not to talk about Shaan and asks her to stand by on maintenance mode. He thinks Rajni is strange and have so much respect for her creator. He thinks don’t know if Shaan misses you or not.

Ria and Shaan are sitting in the restaurant. Ria tries to call, and tells that it is hanged. She says you are a big scientist and made so many machines. She asks him to fix it for her. Shaan takes her phone and thinks about not maintaining Rajni well. He throws her phone. Ria gets up surprisingly. Shaan says when machines gets malfunctioned, one should destroy it. He recalls destroying Rajni. Ria asks him to buy a new phone for her since he destroyed her phone.

Surili sees the decorations and gets happy. Maggie says we are seeing the house decorated after many years. Surili gets Shaguta’s call informing her that Ria’s brother is coming. She asks Maggie to go and change her clothes. Maggie asks which clothes? Surili asks her to wear her emergency clothes. Everyone get ready and welcome him. Amrish cleans the garden area and cuts the trees. Surili signs Dhyan and Gyan that Amrish is there. Vikram calls Mali kaka. Dhyan and Gyan ask him to act as Mali. Vikram says he is showing attitude. Amrish covers his face and comes to take out stuff from his car. Amrish asks Gyan to help him take out the suitcase out of car decky. Dev comes to RAM and asks if he is upset with him. RAM says I don’t have this feature to get upset. Dev promises to bring cake and snacks next time when he comes there. RAM says okay. Dev tells him that he kept his MOBO on maintenance mode, and says she will be on stand by mode for 2-3 hours. He says I am leaving. RAM says okay. Dev leaves.

Surili shows her house to Vikram. Vikram and Shaguta see each other, and the song plays…..Ta thaiyya Ta thaiyya ho…..They have an eye lock. Everyone look at them. Surili claps to make them realize that they are standing there. Shaguta asks if he liked her house. Vikram says yes, but not more beautiful than you. He says we will marry once Shaan and Ria get married. Shaguta is happy. Amrish comes and takes the sweets. Vikram says he is strange. Gyan says he is moody. Surili asks Amrish to keep the gifts inside. Vikram asks him to keep costly wine inside. Amrish gets happy seeing it and goes. Vikram asks if he is trustable. Everyone say yes.

RAM sees the invitation card and thinks function will start at 6 pm. He thinks now its 5:30, MOBO will be on maintenance mode till 8 pm, and thinks to go alone. He says I am not going to miss party and promises to return soon. He writes note for Rajni. He says if I get late then read this note. I am going to party…MOBO and hugs her. He goes while Rajni is on stand by mode.

Amrish smells the wine and thinks it is wonderful. Vikram comes and snatches wine from his hand. He asks him to bring glasses. Amrish serves four glasses. Vikram asks him to call Amrish. Amrish goes and wears suit. He greets Vikram and says my damad called me. Vikram asks how did you come here? Amrish praises himself telling that he got his suit stitched by the designer who used to design for stars. Rajni switches on and says RAM, where are you. She sees letter and scans letter. She says RAM went to human’s party and address seems to be known, but I can’t access due to weak data. She says I have to find RAM, MOBO is coming RAM.

Shaan thinks to rectify his mistake which he did by making Rajni. RAM comes to Kant house and says so here is the factory. Shaan says now nobody can change my decision.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Shaan has become so cruel and insentitive…and why he behave as if he do not know what dr. Said- that surili is alive due to shock given to her by rajini….
    Its good to see-
    1. Rajini love for RAM; being a robot
    2. Dev hating humans and specially shaan
    3. Kanth family poor due to their idiotness

  2. After a leap also , I think the makers of bhrk do not know how to develop a good track. They simply lost the plot and charm due to unwanted entry , unwanted twist and unwanted family drama .
    Atleast now they should understand that the main focus should be on shaan and rajni and that’s the viewers want .
    If they continue the same then the day is near we ll hear that bhrk is going off air

  3. nice epi!! thnx for written update!!!

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