Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 24th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 24th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Surili getting angry on Rajni and says you are doing this to ruin my debut. Rajni says no and says she did this on Director’s command. RAM asks her to apologize to Surili and Pappu, and start shooting. Amrish asks Pappu to forgive her and start shooting. Pappu says okay. He explains the scene to Surili. RAM gets a call and goes. Surili goes towards Rajni holding wires….and tells Rajni that she will not leave her. Rajni’s battery malfunction and she falls down. Pappu says shot is wonderful. Everyone claps. Pappu says scene is real. Surili asks what about my acting? Pappu says good. Assistant asks Rajni to get up, and sees her breath and nerves. Amrish says someone please call doctor. He asks Surili if she really gave shock to Rajni. Surili says these are fake wires. Dhyan calls Doctor. Shaan comes and asks what happened? Amrish says she is not breathing. Shaan goes inside thinking Rajni must be having low battery.

Amrish asks God why did he take Rajni and looks at Surili. Surili asks why you are looking at me. Amrish says I am talking about myself. Shaan brings something and makes Rajni get up. Pappu praises Shaan and says you are not a man, but devta. Shaan says Rajni needs to rest. He asks her to charge herself and then start shooting. Rajni charges herself. Shaan asks if she is 100 percent charged. Rajni says yes. Shaan asks if she is ready for shoot. Rajni says yes, tells Pappu that she is fine and he can start shooting. Pappu explains the scene. He asks Surili to ask Rajni to bring water. He says Rajni will bring water and pours on your head. Sharmila says Rajni have done this in real life also. Surili thinks she will bowl over everything with her expressions.

Pappu says action. Surili tells dialogue. Rajni asks did you call me? Surili asks her to bring water. Rajni asks for what? Surili says for taking bath….Rajni brings water bucket and splashes water on Surili. Surili is shocked. Pappu claps and tells Surili that she gave real shot. Surili says water was cold. Pappu says I forgot to inform you. RAM tells sorry to Rajni and tells that he forgot her charge herself. RAM asks Rajni to show attitude being a heroine now. Rajni scans and says I got it. Rajni says she will be demanding, complaining, etc. She says she will show attitude. Shaan asks her not to be rude. Rajni says okay. Shaan tells Rajni that his Rajni can’t misbehave with anyone. He says I thought I will lose you seeing you on floor when your battery was dead. RAM asks what he is talking? Shaan says nothing and asks them to sleep.

Hero asks where is heroine? Surili says I will show Rajni…how to do acting. Pappu says why heroine haven’t come till now. Assistant says may be she is stuck in traffic. Pappu slaps him and says she is here only. He thinks she is throwing tantrums. Rajni comes. RAM asks where is Madam’s chair and shoes. Pappu asks who are you? RAM says I am her manager. Pappu says lets start shooting love song….He says action. Rajni and Tinku start dancing on the song…Main tera fan hogaya……Amrish asks Shaan why hero is dancing with Rajni like this and asks if he is not feeling bad. Shaan says this happens in shooting. Amrish couldn’t bear to see Rajni dancing with Tinku, and goes to slap him. He slaps him repeatedly.

Pappu cuts the scene and goes to Tinku’s rescue. Tinku asks why you are beating me. Amrish asks how dare you to slap my bahu. Pappu asks why did you beat him? Amrish says your hero was touching my bahu with bad eye and asks them to go. Pappu asks Shaan to say something. Shaan says Amrish’s decision is final. Tinku says I will not work in this film now. Pappu tries to stop him, but he goes. Pappu says pack up. Surili is shocked and says my career is ended. She blames Rajni and asks if she is relieved now. Rajni says I have no feature to calm down my heart. Shaguta says she is agreeing. Maggie says she is honest though. Surili says I told my friends that I am working in a film, and says what I will tell them. Shaguta asks her to look at the positive side and says Rajni will not become heroine now. Surili says she wants stardom and fans and is ready to do anything for it. Sharmila and Maggie ask anything? Surili says yes.

Pappu asks Dhyan to return money. Rajni says we can’t return your cheque as it is non refundable. Dhyan says yes. Pappu holds Dhyan’s neck and gets angry on him. Shaan hits Pappu. Pappu gets angry and says you doesn’t know who am I? Shaan says you are cartoon, don’t know how to make film. He talks in Bhojpuri and says I have made map on your face. Pappu laughs. Dhyan says may be he got mad. Pappu asks him to talk in Bhojpuri language more. Shaan talks in the language. Pappu says superb and says he got his film hero. RAM says yes. Shaan asks who? Pappu says you? Shaan holds his head. Rajni smiles.

Surili asks Shaan to become hero. Shaan refuses. Surili asks Rajni to convince Shaan. Pappu is leaving. Rajni stops Pappu and brings Shaan, says he is ready. Everyone is shocked to see Shaan beaten up by Rajni.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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