Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 22nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 22nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajni saving RAM. She says nothing can happen to you until Mobo is with you. Ram says you are my super mom and asks her to turn her face. He kisses on her cheek. Rajni thanks him and asks what you are doing here. Thieves come there by then and ask how did you get saved. Other asks Rajni to keep his son safely, else he will beat him next time. Rajni says it is not right to threaten a son infront of his mom. Ram asks him to beat them.

Rajni beats them. Thieves return the ring. Ram sees Rajni’s hand stuck, and thinks what to do. He hears Shaguta calling thieves and asks Rajni to hide in the drum. Rajni says command accepted and gets inside the drum. Shaguta, Shaan and Ria come there. Ram shows the ring and asks if this is your ring. Shaguta says yes. Ria asks where did you get it? Ram says I have stolen it from thieves. Shaan calls him chinto. Ram says he is not Chinto, but Ram. He says he is not Ram, but RAM. He says he is named by his mum, like a motherboard and Ram. Ria says it looks like a cyber café Ram says they are big fan of science and technology. Shaan says it is not good to trust science as it can betray anytime.

Ram says machine can malfunction, but can’t betray. Shaan looks on thoughtful. They hear noise coming out from drum. Shaguta says it seems cat is stuck inside. I love cats, I will free it. Ram says there is no cat there. Just then banana peel falls on her, and she says I hate cats. Ria asks Shaguta to come and says they have to make arrangements for party. Ram says he heard about humans having party, but he never attended any party. Ria invites Ram for the party and gives invitation, asking him to bring his Mobo as well. Ram takes the invite and says command accepted. Shaan and Shaguta are shocked. Shaan remembers Rajni saying the same thing and gets emotional. Ram looks on. Ria says lets go. Rajni is inside the drum. Shaan goes near drum, picks banana peel and throws it in the drum, but couldn’t see Rajni. Ria, Shaan and Shaguta leave. Ram asks Rajni to come back and says they have to go home to get her repaired.

Ria tells Shaan that Ram was good, but she likes his family more. She says specially Maggie and Sharmila, they love each other a lot. She says even your mum Surili is so loving. At the other end, Maggie, Surili and Sharmila are seen fighting for fake bangles. Ria says your both brothers love each other. Gyan and Dhyan are fighting. Gyan blames Dhyan for their poverty as they are bankrupt because of his wish to become hero. Dhyan says you will also be joru ka Ghulam. Amrish comes and tries to stop the fight. Ria says you people are paneer money wise and heart wise. Shaguta says it is not paneer, but Ameer…Rich.

At Rajni’s house/warehouse. Rajni’s hand malfunctioned. Ram apologizes to her and says her condition is because of him. Rajni says no mum in this world can get upset with her son. Ram says how to repair you now, and calls MAMU. Dev is seen getting down a big car. Dev comes and asks what is happening. Ram says Mobo’s system is crashing and asks him to check. Dev repairs her.

Surili asks her family to stop fighting. She asks don’t you have any shame to fight like cheapo. She says everyone is insulting us, and don’t know who will insult us next. Aishwarya comes there wearing costly saree. She asks Surili to break her fix deposit and give it to her. Amrish says we are not refusing to give money, and says they will pay her salary soon. Aishwarya says she is asking them to pay loan which they had taken. Surili says now we don’t have FD as we have used that money for home expenses. Aishwarya asks Surili to get her daughter in law work in the houses as servants to get some money.

Maggie asks how dare you to give us suggestion. Aishwarya asks her to talk in low tone else she will increase loan amount. She asks her to make bhajiya for her with tea, and says she will take rest in AC. Maggie tells them that their days have become black and white. The scene is shown in white and black color. Dhyan asks her to stop it. He says we shall sell this house. Gyan says and we will get separate. Dhyan says we can’t see each other’s faces now. Amrish says he is tired of their daily fights. Surili asks them to sell house and get separate, but only after Shaan’s marriage. Surili says I will sell the house after his marriage, till then all of you shall keep quiet.

Dev checks Rajni after repairing her. He says finally I have repaired your Mobo. Ram says I have a poem for you and tells a poem praising his mamu. Rajni says you have written a poem for your Mamu, but not for me. Ram says he will write sorry note for her. Dev asks Rajni to give him punishment. Rajni says command accepted…Dev. She shows him scale and hits herself. Dev asks why she is hitting herself and asks if she is malfunctioning Rajni says she is punishing herself as mum is responsible for kid doings. Ram says sorry Mobo. I won’t go anywhere without telling you. Please don’t punish yourself and says sorry. Dev thinks if that stupid Scientist had seen this visual then he would have been shaken from top to bottom, and thinks a robot is raising a human here, gets emotional.

Ram tells that a human have invited him for the party first time. He tells Rajni that aunty invited them. Rajni says we can attend the party. Ram says Ram and Mobo will attend the party and gets happy.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. loved the new look of Dev. I didnt know he is such a handsome dude

  2. Love u Rajini

  3. Wowww Rajni the Super Mom. Loved MoBo ?? and look at RAM how cute is he and I never knew Neel was such a Handsome guy. Did his voice modulation change btw?? Loved this twist in the show and the morality.


    So RAM is not robot I suppose….
    And it is soooo good to see Dev after so long… best ever episode….
    Love you rajini….??????????
    But one confusion – dev rich??
    Aishwarya rich??
    But kanth family turned poor, how come?? And where is kuhu???

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